Finally February

Wow it’s finally February. Thank goodness! I am behind on my blogging, but hey, It is my blog so there are no deadlines. Right?

January was crazy for me. It started off with me having a procedure done to remove a small cancer cell from my forehead. Then I had my first job interview. After that, I was having dinner at Jackson’s Cafeteria and bit down on piece of fat back and broke a noticeable tooth in half. This caused me to have a weekend without a smile then resulted in a dentist appointment to have a crown. This was all before I had to have a new hire photo made. Luckily I was able to have it fixed before I went. I start work next week. 

Then I was called from another place that I had applied for (not ready to tell it yet) to come take a reading and math exam. I was skeered. I am not good at reading, spelling or math. But I passed, was fingerprinted, photographed and an unexpected 1st interview. I will know in a couple weeks if I need to come in for a 2nd interview. Meanwhile I will keep working at my new part time job and later decisions might have to be made.

I have also been suffering from my Meniere's the past couple weeks. It is a never ending battle. I never know when I wake up in the mornings if I will have a good day or a bad day. The fullness, pressure, dizziness, and ringing in my ear drives me crazy at times. This also leads to hearing loss during an episode. I can’t concentrate, hence why I haven't done much blogging. 

There are days I do not feel like getting dressed or leaving the house. I never know when a vertigo attack will happen and its scary. This is a big concern of mine for when I start my new job. I will have to keep pushing my self through my episodes and hope no one notices or that I don't fall out. 
This is an invisible problem. On the outside I look completely well. No one can see me screaming inside or how tired and stressed it makes me. They do not know the struggles and concerns I am faced with every single day. I can’t even talk about it because no one understands. It’s going on 5 years now.

I hope February is easier on me and I can finally get my working life back together. I can’t hardly wait to get back out there and make money and make new friends. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned. I just managed to make some awesome cookies I plan to share next! 


  1. OUCH,I know that injuries and problems that are 'noticeable' people understand. BUT unless someone has actually suffered the very same 'problems' mostly the unseen ones, they can sympathize, pray and try to understand, but it is much harder when the problem is invisible. I know something will work out on the 'job situation' but waiting for the right door is torment, without the other concerns too.

    Love ya, from Walterboro
    Sherry & jack

  2. Prayers that all goes well with the new job, and that the health issues will subside!

  3. Oh my I am so sorry and had to research M'enie're's Disease was. I've heard of it but never really knew what it was. I'm sorry you have that and sure it must be something else to deal with. I have a feeling that you are one tough lady.
    I too broke a tooth off eating a piece of fatback before which led to a dental visit. He laughed at me when I said what caused it, and said that happens more that people want to admit.
    I am looking forward to hearing more about your joba and know you are an asset to any employer!
    You take care sweet friend.

  4. I hope things are going well with the new job Lisa! I didn't know you Meniere's disease. I've heard some of the issues associated with the condition, but take all the time you need, and most importantly take care of you :)

  5. Bless your heart! I know the vertigo can be the worst. You have definitely been tested and tried my friend! But you are going to come out on top and stronger than ever, I just know it. Take good care of yourself and rest when you need to rest. But of course I can’t wait for the cookies, LOL!

  6. I do hope all goes well for you with the job situation and looking forward to the cookie recipe.

  7. Jilda has that inner ear issue and it is no picnic.
    I’m glad you getting job nibbles.

  8. Good luck with the new job or jobs. I hope you feel better. I'll have to google that. My grandmother started getting vertigo after a bout with the flu. It was awful for her, but no doctor could find anything wrong with her. I wonder if it could have been that...

  9. Oh my that does not sound fun. So sorry you have to deal with that!!
    Congratulations on passing the test! I hate tests!! Pray you get that job and it is one you will enjoy.

  10. Ouch on the tooth part. I hate unexpected trips to the dentist.