Almost Valentines Day

Valentines Day seems to have come fast this year. I guess because we started seeing heart shaped candies and fluffy teddy bears taking over the store shelves the day after Christmas.

I like Valentines Day. Love is in the air everywhere we go. While most couples are busy every day with work and/or kids, this is the day they will find a baby sitter and spend quality time alone whether it’s at a fancy resteraunt or in their den watching a movie.  Nick and I never really get into the whole candy and roses thing with each other but we do try to go out for a nice Valentines Dinner. I’m not sure where we will end up going but I look forward to it. 

Here is a little token I have kept for years that my daddy got me one Valentines Day. It came in a little red velvet rose shaped ring box. It’s holographic and says “I Love You”. 

I never remember my parents really making a big deal out of Valentines Day with us kids but I do remember mom always made sure I had valentines for class mates. I would spend hours trying to figure out which ones I wanted to give who.  I also remember her making red heart shaped pin cushions for my teachers. They were pretty and gained me a few brownie points. 

I always make sure to get my daughter a little Valentines gift each year. This year we got her a few of her favorite snacks and some candy. I wanted to do more but she came home to visit before I could finish putting more things together for her and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her until after Valentines Day. 

Instead of flowers, we got her an Aloe plant. She is always calling us upset that she burned herself while cooking or hot ironing her hair. I also think it will look sweet in her little apartment. When she lived at home, she always woke up to heart shaped pancakes. Now she has her own Valentine sweetie so we will not be seeing her until next week. 

For myself, I usually like to find a fun Valentine shirt to wear. I found this adorable heart sweater on Poshmark. 

Poshmark is a website where you can buy and sell your new or gently used clothes and shoes. I actually have my own posh closet where I will sell some of my unwanted clothes. I haven’t sold much but It’s a fun way to make a little extra money. You can find my closet HERE.
I had some extra yarn on hand so I crocheted a matching hat. Pretty cute huh?
For Valentines Day dinner, I have a red sweater to wear. I rarely wear red but I make an exception for Christmas and Valentines Day. 


  1. You always come up with something 'cute' and useful with that creative talent you have deep within you. There is a special bond between you and that daughter of yours, and it is always sweet to see it come to the surface.

    Love from over here in a mild Belmont. Headed for the VA and a second opinion.
    Sherry & jack

  2. You are so talented! I love that you created a precious hat match that darling sweater. We still get small valentines for the kids as well. I usually make a heart shaped meatloaf, LOL! But we may get out at some point this weekend and celebrate.

  3. I have a Posh closet too! My daughters are both resellers and making quite a bit of money from it - my younger daughter lost her job last year, and started reselling full time...she goes to thrift stores and buys things for next to nothing and resells on Poshmark, Mercari, and ebay - lucky her, she gets to work from home, her own hours, cuddled up with her dog!

  4. You made such a cute hat to match your heart top. We too go out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day. I am going to wear a blush pink sweater tomorrow. I hope you have a fun time celebrating tomorrow and a nice weekend.

  5. Such a cute hat to go with your sweater. Nice Job!
    I remember writing out those Valentine cards for classmates too.

  6. I love the heart you got from your daddy! How sweet. Our daddy always made over us at Valentine's too, such sweet memories. I Love the gift for your daughter! Goodness that heart sweater and hat are so beautiful! You are so talented! I'm going now to check out your shop!

  7. love the sweater. your daughters plant is perfect. love that hologram too. very special, indeed. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

  8. That sweater is adorable! Happy Valentine's Day Lisa!

  9. How sweet I also gave my kids some valentines treats and love the sweater so adorable
    happy Valentines day xoxo Cris

  10. Hi Lisa!
    What a great job on that sweater and hat , so cute! I dont remember my mom and dad making a big deal about Valentines day, but we would get chocolate or a card. My mom has always been big on cards!
    Love your remembrance heart fro your Dad!
    jess xx