A Birthday and Pumpkin Painting.

This weekend we celebrated my sweet husbands birthday. His birthday was Sunday but I started it off on Friday by making reservations at a new upscale restaurant in town. The name of this restaurant is Barristers at the Esquire.

Barristers is located in the center of our little town, inside one of the oldest and tallest buildings. This was the old Lawyers building. It had been empty for years until it found a buyer who has spent a couple years making something out of it. 

This is my favorite building and I have always had this goal to get to the roof of it. There is just something about the size and architect of this building that makes me want to visit the top.

Well, so far I have made it to the first floor. That is where the new restaurant is. The rest of the floors are still under construction. It will soon me an upscale hotel called the Esquire.

Walking in, I immediately got a 1940’s vibe.  I have never been inside this building in my life but could feel the history all around me. With the smell of new paint, chandeliers and oldies music, we took our seats. It was quiet and only a few other tables were occupied. After looking at the menu, I was ready to make my tastebuds smile and my pocketbook cry.

I ordered the Ranch Steak with fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, and horseradish ham crumbs in a Demi Glaze. 

Nick ordered the Carolina Coastal white fish. Maui Maui was the fish of the day. It came on a bed of glazed sweet potatoes and Carrots. 

It was all delicious and we had a wonderful evening. 

Saturday, My Daughter came home and we all went to my moms for a big birthday dinner with Country style steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, pasta salad, biscuits and lots of desserts. Nicks request was pound cake. She never lets us down on a good meal and dessert. We left stuffed and it was a lot better and more satisfying than the fancy dinner the night before. 

Sunday after church, my daughter and I made cookies and painted pumpkins. 

She painted hers a Disney theme. I opt to paint a butternut squash instead of a pumpkin. 

Scary huh?


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband Lisa! The dinner your mom cooked sounds so good! I haven't had country style steak and gravy in ages! The pumpkins you and your daughter painted are so cute! Wishing you a wonderful new week!

  2. Happy Birthday yo your man. Absolutely LOVE your squash!!

  3. Th food at the hotel looks great, BUT your steak and gravy sounds BETTER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your favorite dude.
    Love the paintings, they get a WOW. Hope you enjoyed the rain.

    Love from between the rivers.
    PS: Of course I agree with Andrea above!
    Sherry & jack

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating your husbands bday and happy belated birthday to him. I love your squash you painted!

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    That IS a neat old building.
    Love your painted squash! : )

  6. I saw on Facebook that it was your hubby’s birthday.
    Looks like y’all had fun. That is a beautiful old building.

  7. A super fun birthday birthday celebration!