Sweet and Sour Tofu

This past weekend I had a little extra time in the Kitchen to cook up something instead of our normal quick meals that we come up with each night. The fridge and pantry were low on foods because we have been trying to just go to the grocery store once a week instead of 4 times a week. We are always going back to get stuff we want instead of making do with the things we already have.

I decided to make sweet and sour tofu. We didn't have any chicken!
I had a pineapple on the table that was looking pretty, but seriously needed to be used. I have never cut a pineapple before so this was all new to me.

I got creative and decided to make pineapple bowls. I cut the pineapple in half after trimming the crown. Then cut the pineapple into chunks. "Isn't there suppose to be a core in the center?" I didn't see it, so I kept cutting. Later I realized some of the chunks were hard. "Ah, that must have been the core". Oh well.

Cutting the pineapple was the hardest part, but even that was easy.
It turned out pretty, dontcha think? In just 30 minutes and 4 easy steps, dinner was served...Fancy.

Sweet and Sour Tofu.

1 block- Firm Tofu drained very good and cut into chunks
Put in Air Fryer at 400 for 12 minutes. (toss around half way).

Make sauce
1/8 Cup of ketchup (don't worry it wont taste like ketchup).
1 Tsp- Soy Sauce.
1/4 Cup Corn Starch.
1/4 Cup Sugar.
1/2 Cup Water
1 Tbsp.- Rice Vinegar (or apple cider vinegar).

Fry to a medium crisp.
1-  Chopped Green Pepper
1- Chopped Onion

Add sauce, cooked tofu, pineapple chunks and toss till covered and sauce thickens.
(this happens almost instantly due to the cornstarch).

That's it.

Enjoy with a side of rice or noodles.

You can also add cherries for more sweetness and color.


  1. Avoiding the grocery store is a good idea. I will do that for as long as I can and it saves me a bundle. I'd never seen a sauce with ketchup in it. I'm going to give that a try, though I have no tofu, so I'll use chicken.

  2. Oh my goodness, it is beautiful and looks absolutely delicious!!

  3. I love how you did that. Looks delicious (as always), but I did smile at the core!
    from over here,
    Sherry & jack

  4. I think I have to skip the tofu! lol

  5. This looks delicious. I've never eaten tofu but this recipe makes me want to give it a try! Hugs!

  6. That dish looks so good with the pineapple and I bet it tastes delicious!

  7. I'm not a tofu fan but your recipe sure looks good.

  8. Looks yummy. We’re having tabouli tonight. It’s a good meal that doesn’t require meat.
    We try to go meatless a few days each week.
    I’m going to show your recipe to Jilda.

  9. bean curd...yeah, hard for me to get excited...just sayin'