Quick Sand

I remember a time when quick sand was my biggest fear. Ok, maybe I watched too much Gilligans Island. But the concern was there. The older folks would tell me that I had nothing to worry about because we do not have that in our part of the world. The fear was gone.

Of all the times I have played and walked miles on the beach, I have never worried about sinking sand.

this past weekend at the beach! Yes! I almost got swallowed up by quick sand! Ok, Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but boy, don't you tell me there is no such thing around here. I'm a survivor!
(Nick is still laughing).

We went out for our daily walk on the beach. I was walking a normal pace and scavenging out some shells and sea life. The tide going out left a tide pool that was about two feet deep. I crossed through the tide pool to get between it and the surf. As I was walking along, my feet would occasionally sink to my ankles in the soft wet sand.

Then it happened.
I took a step and all of a sudden I was almost up to my knees in sand. Nick was laughing at me from the other side of the tide pool as I struggled to walk. I took another step and suddenly sunk knee deep. I laughed at first, but then fear set in and I panicked. I yelled for Nick to help me but he thought I was kidding. I was struggling to get my feet out of the sand but every time I moved I could feel myself sinking further down. It was no longer funny and I was in tears. I thought my life was going to end with me getting sucked up by the beach.

I finally shifted my weight to the side and manged to get my legs out just as Nick was making his way across the pool of water to help. He then led me to more solid sand and we continued our walk.
It was so scary.

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Our trip was almost perfect. The weather was nice and warm and in the 80's. It was not windy but had a perfect breeze.We had dinner with Nicks brother one evening as we watched the boats coast down the inlet. One morning I seen a friend of mine from home and we walked a couple miles along the highway. Me and Nick also had a nice little date night. We traveled up to Little River to eat at a fish camp on the waterway. It was a pleasant evening. We had a wonderful time.
and I lived to tell about it.

*Studies have found it is impossible to be completely submerged in quicksand because humans are less dense than quicksand and a person would only sink to their chest before they begin to float. But what can make quicksand deadly is its ability to trap and hold unsuspecting victims. (source)


  1. Whew, girlfriend that was close! I’d freak out. Sooo glad you had a great time!

  2. Forgive me, I did smile! Seeing Nick headed across the little pond to save you! GLAD you guys had a great time, the Date nite is nice, no matter the age or timing.
    Love to travel with you.
    From the home of the Red Raiders,
    Sherry and jack

  3. It's nearly impossible for someone to actually die by quicksand. I learned this a few years ago. TV and movies sure do mess with our minds.

    1. Yes, I learned about quicksand too. To get yourself free it is a matter of rocking back and forth to break the suction and not trying to pull yourself out.
      Still it would be scary.

  4. I'd have freaked out too. I wonder why the soft sand was so deep? That is seriously creepy. I saw on TV once that if you're trapped in quicksand, try to get vertical to climb out. Not sure if that really helps, I've never stepped in quicksand.

  5. I don't blame you one bit!! That would scare anyone!!

  6. I have never heard of sinking like that before. Kind of scary. As kids we would tease about quicksand, watching old shows and movies. I have heard of the sand of sand dunes swallowing things. Be safe. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. That happened to me once and it freaked me out too. I was in Panama and there was no one else around.
    I got free but I had some of the thoughts you had.