Beach Rules

Growing up, the only rules on the beach I remember were, no thong bikinis, and no glass bottles. 

Things have surely changed. I see a lot of glass bottles. I also see a lot of thong bikinis. Girls (and some guys) do not leave much to the imagination now days. Some girls look to be as young as twelve showing everything God gave them with no shame or modesty. Where are their parents anyway? 

Through the years there have been new rules for our beach here in South Carolina. 

No Pets can be on the beach between during the summer months except before 8 am and after 5 pm. I think this a good rule. No one wants to have to listen to dogs barking or dodging dog poop all day. This also protects children from getting bit by someones dog that “never bites”.

No drinking allowed on the beach. This is the most unbroken rule and never enforced unless someone gets out of hand. 

No bikes are allowed between 8 am and 5 pm. 

No tents or canopies are allowed.

This is what the beach looks like at 7:30 am,

Umbrellas can not be open until 8:00 am. All umbrellas have to be placed behind the lifeguard stand. Everyone gets up early and rushes out to reserve a spot on the beach as it gets crowded quick. The first blue umbrella with the striped chairs you see are ours. Nick makes sure he is in line with the others. This is also the high tide line. The day begins.

By noon, this is what the beach looks like. It’s has been crazy crowded this week.

No matter where you set up, there is always that one family that will put there chairs right slap dab on top of ya and either using fowl language or smoking. Never fails. We just bite out tongue and wait for them to go back in. 

All and all, its has been nice here so far. It’s bright and sunny each day and the water feels great. We ran into some friends and made new ones. 
I love playing in the waves and wish I had a surf board. Ha. I haven’t heard of any jelly fish stings or shark bites so far and hope it stays that way.


  1. Nothing like the beach in the early am when all is quiet. But yep, I’ll take it anytime of day.

  2. As society fails to teach its young the value of courtesy, consideration of others...there has to be more rules. So every day...more be broken...indiscriminately.

    (old fart shaking his head)

  3. I love the beach in the early morning! It is so peaceful and beautiful. Then all the rule breakers show up and ruin it for everyone...LOL So pretty! Hugs!

  4. oh- There is nothing like the beach, is there?! I don't like it when it is so crowded though. That is one think I love about the New Smyrna beach area where we go---it is seldom too crowded. Just enough people to keep it interesting...especially the old guys in speedos. I helps to keep my appetite in check. lol xo Diana

  5. We almost always go to the Outer Banks where there aren't as many crowds. I'm sure there are rule posted, but we rarely stop to read the signs and stick with the rules my mom enforced: if you brought it in, carry it out; fill in your holes before you leave; and pick up trash you see along the way and toss it. That last one, I ignore if it's a diaper or something gross.

  6. That sure is a lot of people.
    I'd like the beach early morning for walking otherwise I'm not really a beach person.
    As you probably know, that's why we live in the woods. : )

  7. Are you saying you get to go to the beach whenever you want?

  8. Amazing the changes over the years, that is for dang sure. WOW with the crowds, that is hard to believe. We were beach folk in our younger years. Not so much lately. BUT for sure NC and SC have some great beaches.
    Love from over this way,
    Sherry & jack

  9. I love going to the beach in the morning and staying until early afternoon. That is a lot of people. That’s my part peeve too when people crowd and go to close to you and cursing, smoking, and littering the beach.

  10. I remember there was an episode of the Simpsons where they go to Brazil and they are already stopped on the beach for standing out. American is probably the only country in the free world so modest about swimsuits.