Tomato Haul to Tomato Pie

Our walk the other day started out like any other walk. We walk around the whole neighborhood community which consist of about two and a half miles round trip. We see and talk to neighbors we know and wave at the ones we do not know. Everyone around here seems friendly.

We were about halfway through our walk, when we heard a neighbor, that we have never met yell, "Hey do you guys eat tomatoes? We turned around and walked toward their yard. "Sure we do, we love tomatoes". That's when the young boy turned to his wife as she was unloading her car. She pulled out 25 lbs of red juicy tomatoes from Hillside Hydro Co. "Well, y'all can have these", he said. The neighbor also suggested that we can leave them there until we finish our walk and just come back with the car to pick them up later. Nick said, "Oh it's fine, we can carry them home. Thank you so much!"

So we took turns hauling a 25 lbs. box of tomatoes home. We were about a mile from the house.
Boy was that a workout!!!
I have to say the tomato haul was worth it.

We only had to throw out a couple bad ones that had been smashed. We gave away a few to my parents and a few to our next door neighbors. I think everyone had a tomato sandwich that night.

Of course we had to have a good ole tomato sandwich too. I also made a jar of Pico De Gayo. This is one of our favorite Mexican sides. Made with onions, tomato, cilantro and lime juice, It goes great with so many dishes.

I also made a Tomato Pie. I had reached out to my facebook friends for a good recipe. My best friend Anne was the first to respond with an easy recipe. I ran with it.

This was the first time making a tomato pie and it was delicious.
The recipe is originally from Bush-N-Vine Farms.

I made it according to the directions, but instead of dicing the tomatoes, I sliced them.

It was delicious and rich with flavor. I will be making this again for sure. It’s a great way to use up an overrun of tomatoes.
We still have a lot of tomatoes left, but the way we have been eating them, they will not last much longer.

Note: I may have had a few fried green tomatoes too. So yummy.


  1. I have never heard of tomato pie. My mom once made a tomato casserole, but it was runny and gross and didn't get repeated.

  2. Both the Pico and Pie look delicious! I’ll have to try making that pie. Yum!

  3. How awesome to have received all of those tomatoes. What a workout carrying back that huge box of tomatoes. LOL.

  4. I need that family's address!!!! LOL WOW what a haul and the tomato pie looks and sounds delicious. If I ever have that many extra we just might try it. I don't have enough for tht pie tonight but we are having some Tomato and okra soup from some our son gave us a couple days ago.
    I can't imagine a gift of 25 lbs. How good is that??
    Love sent from over here,
    Sherry & jack

  5. OMGOSH...that's a lot of tomatoes. Bill loved them, fixed any way. I am not a huge lover of them but like the ones from the garden. and...fried green tomatoes is not only my favorite movie of all time but my favorite way to eat tomatoes. A pie? Not sure but going to make one today and if I like it, I'll make one for my Bunco ladies next month. We will have Grape, Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad on special rolls, grilled pineapple, the best chips, MAYBE a slice of Tomato Pie for each and whatever delight I can come up with before the gathering. Thanks for sharing your to you.

  6. Great recipe and quite a haul indeed!! I would have passed out from carrying them...LOL I'm not a tomato eating person but the hubster enjoys them. I just don't know what I would do with 25 pounds...well, I have ideas, but it may cause trouble. ;-) Hugs!

  7. Tomato pie. Who knew there was such a thing!

  8. WOW! You should walk slowly past that house every time you walk.....just in case they have more produce! Dean and Sherry said Louis Dean's garden is going crazy! Lots of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers! We won't be back there until the middle of July! So glad someone is harvesting while we are gone. Home grown tomatoes should never be wasted.....

  9. Guess what! I got a new computer and I can leave a message.
    I made a tomato pie and while it was good - it was wet on the bottom.
    I even drained mine.
    Yours looked so good.

  10. Yum, I am pinning this one. I would love to use it in a summer recipe roundup it you would allow me to use it.
    Happy Summer,

    1. Your a noreply blogger so I could not respond back to you but if your see this. Sure! I don’t mind you sharing. Thanks!!!

  11. My little brother's grandma gave us a whole bunch of zucchini and cucumbers from her garden, but I was a little surprised there were not tomatoes. That's usually the most popular garden vegetable.

  12. That looks delicious. What a sweet gift.

  13. That's so nice!! I have never heard of tomato pie (that's pizza where I live ;) but looks so good