Daddy Did You?

This is not deja vu. You may have read this one before. 

Today is Fathers Day.

I'm sitting here thinking about my dad. How great a dad he is and how glad I'm his daughter. Shamefully, I also think about some of the ways I acted out and treated him in my rebellious years. I'd undo a lot of things I said and did in my teenage years. I thank him for his patience. He loves us all unconditionally and I never doubted he did.

Me and my sister were going through old photos and she came across this one. 
Here is a picture of my dad in his 20's. Wow, he was so young. Isn't he good looking? 
(He has that Clarke Gable look dontcha think?)

was not even a twinkle in his eye. 

He was young and handsome (still is handsome, but old). He has so much life ahead of him here in this photo.
I wonder if hes happy how it all turned out? Would he do it all over again?

As I look at this photo (which I hope he don't mind me sharing), I cant help but think what he thought his future would hold. Did he know or even wish to be a father some day?

I stared at the photo for a long time while wondering what was on his mind back in those days.


Did you ever think 
you'd have four children?
Two boys two girls 
two with straight hair 
two with curls?

Did you ever wonder
of those four children?
Any idea at all?
Two would be lefties,
Two would be tall?

Did you imagine 
Where they would work?
What they would become?
They will all have homes
and a good income.

Did it cross your mind
the emotions they would cause?
Without even trying
make you laugh
or leave you crying?

God knew before you
that you would be a Dad.
I'm thankful for this plan.
You gave us guidance
and we took your hand.


Soon we will be heading off to church to honor the fathers and praise the main Father up above. 
Later the whole family will meet up for dinner at one of daddy's favorite pizza joints with the rest of the dads in the family and celebrate! The father job is hard and the good ones need to be praised.

Happy Fathers day!


  1. What a beautiful post about your dad Lisa. He is so handsome and I love the picture of you two! I hope he has a Happy Father's Day!

  2. Great tribute to a wonderful man. amazing how good some men can be, even with rebellious children (speaking of you and Sherry of course, Me 'n Nick was saints! LOL)
    Love from over here,
    Sherry & jack

  3. What a sweet post. Your dad sounds like a special fellow. Nice photograph.

  4. You wrote that? So beautifully written.. :)

  5. My father died when I was seven, so father's day is about as important to me as a common Sunday. My 3rd cousin recently found her dad, so she just got to celebrate her first real one with him.

  6. What a lovely Father's Day post for your Dad, Lisa. He looks handsome in this photo in his 20's. And a special poem your wrote for him as well. I lost my Dad when I was only 28, but he's been in my heart ever since. How blessed we are to have had wonderful Dads.