It is known that when a man travels he remembers roads. When a woman travels, she remembers landmarks. Ask a man for directions and he will say, “Turn on hwy 74 then take a right on 485”. A woman will say, drive about 3 miles, go under an old brick bridge then turn right at the okie dokie hotel”.
This is true for me.
I could get back home from anywhere by just remembering things I seen along the way. 
Every time we go to the beach there are always little reminders that tell me where I am and where we will be turning next. 
Here are just a few things I notice we pass that have not changed in years. Excuse the photo quality as I took them through the car window going down the road.

The oldest landmark we pass is this unfinished boat.

I call it the SS Minnow. You know, Gilligans Island boat. Looks just like it to me. This boat has actually been sitting here since I was young. I have even emailed the company that sits behind it, trying to find out information on this boat. I think it has a story and I’d love to find it out. I never get a response. 

When we pass cotton plants, corn fields and red barns, I know what city we are going through.

Here is an old SunFlower moving tailer. It has sat in a field beside the railroad track for years. The field will be tilled and crop will be planted. They  just work around the trailer

 I think it would make a great photo prop. My guess would be this tailer is from the 70s.

I know we are not far from our desitination when we pass this old junk pile with a couple of silos sitting beside it. I didnt catch a photo of the silos but I did get a shot of the sign that sits out front. Sometimes it will say “free puppies” on one side, but the other side always says, “dressed hogs”. 

Everytime we pass this, Nick will snicker. Then we both start laughing. Why? Well, because after passing it one day, I asked Nick what dressed hogs were. Without flinching, he responded “ It’s pigs running around in little tuxedos’. After a long pause of thought, I laughed. But I did have to think about it a minute. So, yea, we still giggle everytime we pass the “dressed hog” sign. 

We had a great weekend at the beach. I can’t wait til we go again in May. We will be taking our daughter with us. We always have fun on the beach and I’m looking forward to it as I count down the days. 


  1. what a scenic display of landmarks. love that boat.

  2. oh, now we all want to know the story of the boat. I wonder why they don't at least give you a simple reply? I think you're absolutely correct about directions. My husband is terrible with directions, he most often relies on me to get us where we are going - and I use landmarks :-)

    I believe a dressed hog is a pig slaughtered and packaged for sale. But I didn't google, so I could be wrong.

  3. I have to laugh at the 'dressed hogs'. BUT when ry's sister would give directions to their 'place' at the beach, one of the last directions was: 'turn right at the big barn with the septic tank advertisement on the side.'
    Love from over here,
    Sherry & jack
    PS: Glad you had a good trip!

  4. I do the same thing with directions. One of the most famous is getting to Corner on Highway 78 in go up Highway 78 until you get to the Boobie Trap...turn right at the Boobie Trap. If you pass Green Top BBQ, you've gone too far! EVERYONE knows the boobie trap, home of the one-arm stripper! Truth!! LOL LOVE the photos...I have so many of those as well. AND, I've actually used an old abandoned trailer as a photo prop for some family was awesome!! Glad you had a great trip! Hugs!

  5. I caint imagine a bad weekend on the beach.

    ...trying to catch up

  6. That boat is so Flippin cool and what a great idea for a post!

  7. I'm like you with directions!! :)

  8. Out here in the country they say, drive down that two lane road and turn left at where farmer Jones’ barn used to be and then go until you smell hogs.

  9. It's hard to believe it's beach time already in your neck of the woods, Lisa!! Yeah, I do the same thing with's a female thing for sure!

  10. Barns are either red, green, or that really aged black. No inbetweens, isn't that odd?

  11. When I was in college, a friend's dad called to what route he should take since I'd been driving to school for three years. I had no clue the route numbers, but I did know you took a left at Burger King.