Blessed Walk

It has rained so much here in the Carolina's that I'm thinking of starting a rice garden.

When we see a speck of sunshine we throw on our tennis shoes and take off for a quick walk. That's exactly what we did. I had just came in from work, and sat down to dinner. It was ten til six when I finished eating and the sun was still out just a little. In other words, It was not raining at that moment. I asked Nick if he'd like to take a walk. He said, "sure", as he has never turned down a chance to go for a walk.

We enjoy walking through the neighborhood and around the creek. We will nickname the neighbors we do not know and make up names for the squirrels, owls, chipmunks and cats we see wondering around from time to time.

As we walk, we like to talk about our day, the news and what's going on with friends and family. He will even listen to me talk about blog stories I read. We also laugh and joke with each other along the way.

This walk was not as warm as it looked from the window. I barely dressed for the occasion and forgot my toboggan, so we made this walk a quick one. One direction the cold breeze would cut through my ears and throat, while in a different directions the sun was warm on my skin. I was complaining a lot about the cold and just wanted to go in. I do not like being out in weather colder than my age.

Half way through our walk, I looked down and saw a little card laying in the middle of the road. The floral print is what caught my eye. Nick rolled his eyes as he does not like me to pick things up I find. "I need to pick this up", I suggested. "It has a little Bible verse on it". It was like someone had dropped it just for me to find.

The other side had a little prayer on it. I slipped it in the waistband of my spandex leggings and headed home. It was a little blessing and made me feel guilty from complaining about the weather. Despite all the rain we have been having lately, It's being poured on us for a reason and we need to accept and find happiness in everything God has blessed us with.

This little card now hangs on the board beside my desk at work.


  1. I love that card. Have a Nice Day. Hugs from Nina

  2. What a beautiful thing to find...a personal message from God! Like you, I don't like being out in cold weather too long (but I love winter), but once I'm out, I find that it is a blessing and that something good always comes out of it! I love this! Hugs!

  3. It has rained so much in Carolina's! South Carolina had so much rained last month and I guess the rain is continuing this month lol. That is such a beautiful thing to find! Wishing you a happy and blessed week Lisa :)

  4. A special find for sure. My girl said a day or so ago, a few hours before our normal walk time, "I need to walk!" WE did and like other special times, SHE NEEDED to TALK! We have worked out a lot of things on our walks. It s amazing how much good a walk does, physically and mentally.
    From a beautiful Florida day,
    Sherry & jack

  5. I just love when God gives us these little blessings. :)

  6. The story made my day, how very precious!

  7. How sweet. I bought a card like that at a craft show in North Carolina. Mine is hanging on my fridge. A person can never have enough prayers and blessings!

  8. beautiful....I love that card.
    Have a Nice Day

  9. OOO, I just love it when God works in these tiny ways to get our attention.