Virtual Assistant

I have dived into the world of virtual assistants. I rarely use Suri on my iPhone unless I'm too lazy to look something up and I will just ask her for the answer.

Now I have a new assistant in the house. She is adopted.

Two Christmases ago, I got my gadget loving daddy an Echo Dot virtual assistant named Alexa.
This past Christmas he wanted me to take it back. He lived with fear of this thing all year. He read a lot of nonsense news saying this gadget can spy on you in your home. He wasn't going for that no matter how much we convinced him that it's not how it works. He didn't care. He wanted it gone.
So, I adopted her back.

We have had a lot of fun with this thing. I have had it for two weeks now. I loaded the Alexa app on my phone and set up my account. It repeats a lot from my icloud account such as my music, calendar events and reminders. It also has it's own built in features such as games, news, and trivia.

So far,
  • When we ask...Alexa tells us the weather, temperature low and highs of the day and what to expect in precipitation. We do this every morning. It's more fun than looking at our phone and no more walking outside in our jammies.
  • Alexa  helped me in the kitchen this past New Years Day during my cooking. I would ask her to remind me when to put in the roast, start the crock pot and set timers. I normally jot this stuff down on a piece of paper but it was nice to have a voice command. 
  • We would also ask Alexa to turn on music and she would play any kind of music genre we asked. If it was a certain radio station we wanted to listen to, she would play that too. 
  • She has timed my workouts each day and will even make phone calls at my command. 
We are still learning new features with the Eco Dot. The latest feature I learned was enabling Q&A's in "Skills". This is also found in the app. You can add up to 40 of your own custom questions and how you want Alexa to answer. 

This feature was fun when Daddy was at the house for dinner the other day. I had set up a custom question and answer before he arrived and this is how it went...........

We were sitting around the living room and I simply asked Alexa if she would talk to us. She answered, "Tell Sidney I miss watching him" .
We all had a good laugh when daddy said "See!!!! I told you, it was watching me!!" 

I explained to him later how it did that. But I still don't think hes buying it.

As a kid I always wanted a robot.
I guess this is the closest thing I'm going to get to "Twiki". (Buck Rogers robot from the 70's).


  1. We have Alexa here, too. My husband uses her frequently to listen to his music and loves that feature. As a hearing impaired person, I don't benefit by her use ... she's silent when it's just me at home, the poor thing. :-)

  2. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

  3. I think I'll get one!!

  4. Ohhh nooooooo! They got you too! (haha, I have two, blush)... My kids new favorite thing is asking "Alexa, lets chat!" and then it's fun to hear how the conversation goes, lol... -

  5. YOu are living dangerously. Them thangs know stuff. And for heaven's sake do not have it in the bedroom where you change clothes! Imma tell you I have heard stuff!
    Yeah I know you won't listen, it is the adventurer in you! LOL

    Enjoy the dude and if it gets too bad see if Alexa can swim. Take care and have fun!
    From Florida,
    Sherry & jack

  6. My husband got one two years ago as a holiday present from his office. While I wasn't completely on board initially and we still don't use it a lot but we set reminders on it.. my son asks it the word of the day, they play music and twenty questions with it.. Alexa isn't really good at the 20 questions so it ends in hilarity.. she sang happy birthday to my little one and he was beaming.. :)

  7. I have one but I never really talk to her :-(

  8. I'm happy you have you're new toy, er....robot haha But I'm with your husband on this. Alexa is dangerous. We listen to Kim Komando who knows everything there is to know about technology and has a radio show where she answers questions on anything regarding gadgets, websites, smartphones apps and interest security. She knows all the wonderful features of having one but while listening to her show, she talked about how she got rid of hers because it picked up information only her and her husband talked about that nobody else knew. Thats when she realized Alexa listens and stores info without being asked.
    Enjoy it just be careful.

  9. We got the G home mini from Daisy's brother. I'd rather have the Alexa because she can play my Prime Music.