Vintage Mugs

Happy Sunday yall! Guess what I did today after church.....

Absolutly nothing! It’s cold and damp with a pesky drizzling rain. It's just iky. 
I told my husband it was a great day to snuggle on the couch and watch Hallmark movies and he screamed, “no please! Dont put me in Hallmark hell!” So, now im alone in my recliner, he's flipping the channels and im trying to blog. Hes hyper and will not be still over there on his couch.  Im fixing to take my ipad to the other room if he doesn’t settle for a nap soon. 

Ok, let me back up a bit. 
Last night I mentioned to my husband that I’m looking for a couple of the old metal vintage mugs. No reason really. I just wanted a couple. They remind me of my grandmaw. She was always seen drinking coffee from her metal mug. I always called them camping mugs.

When I came in from church, I noticed my sweet dear husband (which is over there popping his legs and stretching) had me two lovely little mugs sitting on the counter. “Perfect! I said with excitement. I was so thrilled.

He found them in some of his dads estate. 

After we ate some lunch, I put the dishes, along with the mugs in the dishwasher. I sat by the diswasher like a kid waiting on a teddy bear to get out of the dryer. They cleaned up well. They are so darn cute I wanted to share them with you. 

Oh for heaven going in the other room to blog...hes making faces at me now and I can’t concentrate! Gosh I love him though. After all, he did find me these adorable mugs.

I have now put in a request for two little hooks to hang these little stinkers over my coffee bar. He could be doing that right now but he just said its supper time....So I have chineese food to call in. 

I’ll blog more later. Right now, I can’t even..


  1. drizzling here too, and I went on a hike. Shoot me. I have no sense. (or intelligence to check the weather channel)

  2. Ha ha yes husbands can do that sometimes but we love them and yours sounds like a keeper! Hope you have a nice week.

  3. LOL-- Can't live with them- can't shoot them--illegal in most states!
    He actually sounds like a sweetheart.
    My grandmother had those same cups but hers had a red rim and they sat on the back of her old drainboard sink for drinkin' water. lol
    Hope you have a good night and enjoy your Chinese! xo Diana

  4. I'm glad to know someone else also refers to it as Hallmart hell hahaha!

  5. Nice mugs, he did good finding those for you, the hooks will come in due time ;-)

  6. I have been commenting and Blogger says 'Publishing' but it ain't. So I have switched to Firefox and it has my google account showing.
    I like the metal porcelain cups. Yeah we call them camping cups also, but I remember one by the water bucket at grandpa's house. You could use it or the dipper to get your water.
    From Florida!

  7. Really like the old porcelain mugs.

  8. I love those mugs. They look like the ones my great grandmother had.
    What a score.

  9. He's definitely a keeper!!

  10. I love collecting mugs! These are so nice!