Oh Christmas Tree

The past couple years, we have been using an old vintage aluminum tree for Christmas. It was actually my husbands when he was a small boy. It’s small and fragile. You can see it here.

I came in from work and was just about ready to settle down and start decorating for Christmas. My husband asks, “What do you think about a white Christmas tree this year?”. I replied “Yes, that would be nice”. He could have said “what about a blue tree or purple tree” and I would have said the same thing. Anything but the vintage tree. Don't get me wrong, I liked it and it was pretty with the color wheel and all, but I could not add any of my ornaments to it. “Well come on, lets go to Walmart and look at them” he said. I dropped the broom right there and grabbed my pocketbook. 

We discussed that we would not spend a lot, but maybe we can find one cheep. “Don't get too excited now” he said. “Just a tree. Not a bunch of balls and stuff”. I agreed and began flipping through my Walmart app to get ahead on what to expect. I found a 6.5 ft white tree for 25.99.” We found the tree on the shelf and tossed it in the buggy. It was not a pre-lit tree, but lights were cheep. So we walked over and grabbed some stringing lights. I convinced him that red balls would look nice. So we threw some of those in the buggy too. Three boxes of lights and a bundle of ball and other “stuff” later, we were at the check out. 

Cha Ching! The tree tree rang up as 40.00. I stepped in and showed the cashier the exact same tree on line for 25.99 and free pick up. She said we would have to buy it online to get it for that price. I put on my sassy pants and said “So you mean to tell me that I can go online and buy it, then come back and pick it up? “Yes, but if we have it in stock (which aparantly they do), then you still might have to pay 40.00”. That didn't go over well with me so we left the buggy there and headed to the other Walmart across town. 

The next walmart had the same tree. We asked this time before we lugged it off the shelf. “Sure we match online prices” said the manager. Bingo! We got a new tree. I have never had a white Christmas tree before. I secretly always wanted one growing up but we always had the same ol tree stained with silver tensil for years of decorating. 

Our daughter was in for Thanksgiving and we did some decorating. I am now all set for Christmas. I have all my decorations up, tree decorated and stockings hung with care. 

“In the eyes of a child, all Christmas trees are 6ft tall”


  1. Your new tree is lovely. And what a bargain price.

  2. “In the eyes of a child, all Christmas trees are 6ft tall”

    there is a wooden roller coaster at carowinds that scared me to death in the early 90's. Looked 2000 ft tall in my eyes. Got on it in my early twenties, wasnt' bad at all and not nearly as tall as I remembered

  3. If you go back as an adult & see the "huge" house you grew up in, it will look tiny. Love your tree!!

  4. Beautiful tree! Have a great week! :)

  5. Awwww, I love this entry. I sorta like your sassy pants! LOL Glad you got the tree. I remember the tinsel trees well, I was shocked at the prices as antiques they are bringing. BUT I am glad you guys got your tree!!!

  6. Your Christmas tree is beautful!