HandMade Greeting Cards

I’m trying my hands at something new. I have recently been creating greeting cards using my crochet art as the main focus. I know cards are becoming a thing of the past, but it is always nice to get a little happy card in the mailbox.

I currently have a few listed in my shop. I want to see how it goes before I create too many. It was not as easy as I had expected. I thought I could simply stamp a few words on a card and run with it. Instead, I struggled with every letter to get them straight. I might have even said a bad word.

I learned that stamping was not meant for lefties. You have to work left to right as you line up each letter with the one before. Well, unless I go backwards, I have to stamp right handed. The struggle is real. It was fun for me though. I think with practice, Ill get better.
I admire anyone that can stamp in a straight line. Just how do you do it? 

Anyway, I left my cards as they turned out. They each have their own character. No two are alike. Some of them took several tries just to get them half way readable. The imperfections add a unique style along with the carefully crocheted tiny motifs that adorn them. I even have my little shop signature on the back of them. Just Hallmark! 

I actually sold one on the same day I posted it. This made me happy. I rely on my buyers, readers and friends to help spread the word. No pun intended.  

Below are examples of some of my greeting cards. You can find more by clicking HERE.
Be sure to look at my other things while your there. 

Arn’t they just so darn cute? 
I plan to make a few more with different sayings. You can help me out with ideas if you wish.

Do you have a reason to send a card?  If so, please purchase one from my shop. I could use the Christmas money. I'm not begging am I?

Now, I am currently crocheting a baby hat and diaper set by request for my baby nephew due in December. 
I also have an order for ten of my mug cozies to create.  This will keep me busy for a day or two as I'll be stamping in between.


  1. Love them.
    This dinosaur still sends cards - and the quirkier the better.

  2. the last one is my fav of the bunch

  3. they look good. great idea. good luck.

  4. They are very cute. What a nice idea. I always enjoy getting cards in the mail.

  5. Your cards are so cute. I like to make homemade cards too.

  6. Those are beautiful Lisa. Cards may be a thing of the past, but my wife Jilda paints our Christmas cards every year. She's done that for over 20 years.
    Some of our friends have framed them and bring them out each year as part of their holiday decorations.

  7. This is the 3rd try.... Love the cards, you are one crafty person and it certainly shows. I cannot believe it was my pass word all the time. Anyway, yes, I do like the cards!

  8. What a fun creative idea to add your crochet talent to the making of cards!


  9. A great idea - combining one talent with another. Love this. vpg