fortune Cookie

We decided to have Chinese food the other night. We didn’t have any idea what to make for dinner. The weather was gloomy and cold so we didnt feel like dressing up and going out, so Chinese pick up was the perfect solution.

I’m sharing this story because an odd thing happened.

During dinner we talked about our day, and our future. The same ol things we chat about over dinner often. During our table talk, my husband started complaining about the weather and how it just makes him feel lazy and all he wants to do on days like this is eat and lay around. 

He likes to be active. He works hard keeping up a couple yards a week and when its raining hes stuck inside and after a day or two, he just looses his mojo.
He said he doesn't feel like he can get anything done.
Winter weather makes him feel depressed and lazy.

Yea me too.

As we were finishing our dinner and complaining about the lack of energy we have been having, we tore into our dessert fortune cookies. 

Now, let me just add, I do not believe in that fortune telling mumbo jumbo, but we have fun reading aloud our fortune. 

Mine just said I was smart and good looking or something like that [grin]. 
But when Nick cracked open his fortune, we laughed at what it said....

Now isn’t that just a coincidence? 


  1. Wow.
    We don't get fortune cookies here. Or at least I have never seen them.

  2. LOL, that is a coincidence! I don't believe in fortune telling either but I do like to read the paper that comes in the fortune cookie when we eat at the Chinese restaurant.

  3. Hahahaha, yep sometimes even the fortune cookie hits the nail on the head. I sometimes eat the cookie, but I always read the fortune.
    I do not believe in the horoscope, sooth sayers nor fortune cookie's tale. BUT yep I read 'em. One day Imma play the numbers they give for the lottery someday. ;-)

  4. They also aren't even chinese, they were created in America. You never find those cookies in china.

  5. Oh yes, sometimes those fortunes are right on the money ;)

  6. I don't think it was a coincidence, I believe it was God giving him a bit of encouragement. : )
    Great story.

  7. i think it was his angels giving him a heads up.

  8. Wow! that's wild. I've never had one do that. But when I was in the Army, I got in the habit of adding "IN BED." to all my fortunes :)