Little Hats Big Hearts

Every year I try to do a crochet project for a charity. It just makes me feel happy inside. God has given me the talent of crochet. This is my way of giving back. 
One year I crocheted 50 tiny hats that were taken to a hospital in Haiti. Last year I donated crochet hats to my local hospital NICU. 

I was thinking and wondering what I could do this year. 

It was an ordinary day. I was searching around on the internet when this ad popped up. 
“Little Hats, Big hearts” Charity drive. “Thats it!” I can crochet some tiny red hats. This had my name written all over it. I immediately emailed the American Heart Association and asked if they were still needing hats. Within minutes I received an email back saying they indeed were still in need of hats and gave me all the instructions.

What is Little Hats, Big Hearts?

To celebrate American Heart Month, volunteers around the country will knit or crochet little red hats to give to each baby born in February. Thousands of babies from several participating hospitals will get a hat to honor babies and moms. This also empowers Moms to live heart healthy lives in themselves and their families. 
The “Little Hats, Big Hearts” charity also provides resourses and raises awareness about Congential Heart Defects.

So I got busy. 

A couple skens of yarn, several hours and a couple days later, I had a stash of hats ready to go.
They had example styles of hats to make but I chose to use my own pattern.

These little hats are crocheted with a ribbed texture for extra stretch. I left the tops open and added a drawstring making them, not only cute and adorable, but also venilator friendly just in case. 

Sometimes babies will need special care that cause them to have tubes or wires coming up from their heads so, this will insure none are left out. 

They were fun to make and I’d gladly make more if needed. I think they have several other volunteers to help make enough hats to reach their goal. 

When I crochet for charity, it is more rewarding than any sale I can make. It makes me feel like I've made a little difference in someones life. 

If you crochet or knit, here is the link to where you can help. 
The deadline for this one is January 15, 2018. 
They will wash them and pack them up to be delivered to a hospital neareast to the donator. 


  1. Thank you.
    Today I packed a bag for a mother in difficult circumstances. At Christmas we reach out to make children feel special, but their mothers are often neglected. So I included some necessities (like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste) and some luxuries like lovely soap and moisturiser.

  2. thats a wonderful project. good for you.

  3. I absolutely love your heart and your hats! Our baby boy is due January 29th, so february could be his birth month.. how cool would it be to get a handmade thoughtful gift like this at the hospital. Very special. Merry early Christmas dear friend!

  4. Awhh this is awesome!! Thank you for giving. This warms my heart. Just another reason you are the best sister in the world. <3

  5. Ah ha! you are not only talented but sweet too. What a wonderful talent and act of love. I remember you talking about the little hats, now you have made a BIG connection. Love it. You GO Girl! Good on U!

  6. What a marvelous thing you're doing!!

  7. A great thing for you to do. Love the bright red color too. I've knitted little hats before too.
    I'm going to check out the link. Thanks.

  8. You have such a beautful heart Lisa. I believe in giving back and doing things for charity too. I love how you left the top open incase the babies have tubes. I know the familes will appreciate such a beautiful gift. I've been having been doing crochet projects for customers and gifts the past few week, but this is something I would like do. Thanks for linking the info!

  9. Very nice Lisa, I like your design it was very thoughtful of you to come up with it as it will be very helpful for those who need it.

  10. hi Lisa,I also crochet for charity's I loved your little hat' to share your pattern with me.My daughter told me about it,she works at Brigham's and Women's Hospital in Boston,MA your link did not work

    1. Hey. id love to but I see your a “noreply” blogger so I cant return a comment. Send me your email or send me a message through my contact form so I can share with you. Thanks!

  11. OOO, your little tiny hats are sooo adorable...and your big heart makes me so proud to be your blogging friend.