Hand Raiser

I was looking around on Facebook. You know, that place where everyone airs their dirty laundry.
Anyway, I came across a friends post that struck a nerve. First let me say, this person and her family are wonderful, loving, Christian people that I adore but something she posted did not sit well with me. 

She said something in the nature of praising God in church with praise songs. She shouted out that she could not see how a person can just sit in church without raising their hands in the air and rejoicing in praise. Basically stating that you just ain't got Jesus in your heart if you can not enjoy the music and show praise.

This made the little Southern Baptist in me fume a little. 

I love praise music. I love church. I love to see people praising God weather they have their hands in the air or folded in prayer. I would never question someones relationship with Christ by how high their hands are raised. 

Even though I seen where she was coming from, and glad she is feeling it, I think she was wrong in throwing her words out like that. She could have done more harm than good.

This is why....

  • There could have been someone planning to attend church for the first time and now think they would be out of place or have to participate and fake an act just so they are not judged by other church goers. 
  •  Everyone has their own style of worshiping. "There is no wrong or right way to worship. It's who you worship that matters".
  •  It's people like this that some call “Holy Rollers”. or “Bible Thumpers”. They come across to others as “pushy” in making you believe its their way or the wrong way. 
  •  People are weak. Someone that read her post may sit in the next church service and wonder the whole time if there is a member of the church watching and judging their actions not really knowing whats in their hearts then eventually refuse to attend. 
  • I would never go to the same church as the person that stated the obvious. I wouldn't want the stinking looks from across the pews.

I’m not against other people shouting and praising. In fact I love it! It gives me Jesus bumps. My daddy is one of them, but I haven’t ever been a "hand raiser" (or hell raiser for that matter). I'm not saying I never will, but until now, I didn't know people thought less of my faith by the way I worship.

 "I'm pretty sure God will not judge how fast I ran down the isles or how far I jumped with my hands raised but rather how many times I fell to my knees in prayer". 


  1. lisa, I think God sees our heart waving in the air whether our hands are or not. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I think this quote of yours sums it up. " Everyone has their own style of worshiping. There is no wrong or right way to worship."

  3. I usually do whatever the Holy Spirit tells me to do...

  4. Like any social group, you have the people who want to feel superior over others even if its their own kind. I remember similar things when I went to a Methodist church when I was younger.

  5. Never been much of a hell raiser my self, well maybe a little. However never been much of a hand raiser either, although it does happen. BUT, but it ain't never too smart to be 'directing' HOW one should worship. I have seen dedicated folk who did a lot of hand raising, but never judged the person who sat quietly 'enjoying' an intimate relation with their Lord.

  6. Great post Lisa. People need to quit judging. it seems there are always finger pointers. Maybe they need to look in their own backyard.

  7. Great post. People see the outward appearance, but God looks at our hearts and He is what matters.

  8. Hi I new to your blog! I agree. God knows our heart. It shouldn't matter if our hands or waiving or not. Great post!


    1. Thnaks for visiting. I hope you stick around. I never know what ill blog about next until it comes to me. Lol.