Cloudy With A Chance Of Sand

It's our fifth day at the beach. I can't say it's been our best vaction week, but hey, it beats being at work. I have had time to relax.

It has rained every day we have been here. The camper gets tight. However, the sun will make an appearance for a few hours each day and everyone rushes out to the sand to get a dose of vitamin D. It's like playing Russian Roulette with the sun. We have not needed to put out the umbrellas yet. I think friday is suppose to be a brighter day. 

We have kept busy. At the beginning of the week we spent a half a day at the Verizon store. If you read my last entry, you know my daughter dropped her phone in the toilet and killed it. We actually were able to order the new phone online and just go pick it up. But, since we have poor internet service at the campground, we decided to hang out at the Verizon store while my daughter swiched everything from her old phone to her new one. The ride back was more joyful as we now have a happy girl (Her bill hasn't came yet).

I have actually enjoyed the cloudy mornings on the beach as long as it's not rainy. Something about the sound of the waves, cool breeze and the sounds of chirping seagulls that bring tranquility. 

I'm feeling pretty good. I got an email Monday from the cardiologist letting me know that my stress test results were normal and nothing is wrong with me. (Yes an email). This relieved a lot of my tension knowing I can continue doing what I do without worry.

My husband snapped a picture of me acting silly. I was seeing how high I could jump. You can see the rain bans in the horizon. 
Note: When your 48, this can hurt. 

Today is Thursday and it's the sunniest so far. The rain is suppose to move in later this afternoon. Here is my current 11:30am few. We will head in soon for a bite to eat and hopfully head back to the sand.  


Fifteen minutes after I posted this photo It came a down pour with thunder. So we are now sitting in the camper eating and possibly a nap. There are only so many games of checkers you can enjoy. 

Ooop, here comes the sun again....gotta run.


  1. I love the beach & the ocean, no matter what the weather is!!

  2. YES, YES, YES, love the salt air and smell of the ocean. My choice would be to live on it, but Sherry says, "Only if you don't get out of sight of land." So We enjoy what we can. Next week we will see some of Virginia's beach out on the peninsula.
    Love the jump shot. Nick done good!

  3. Love the ocean - and it is way too love since I have seen, heard, smelt it...

  4. love the atlantic whatever the weather. enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  5. So the weather is challenging you. Try this - Who will win (object of game: don't let weather win)

  6. I can only tolerate about one game of checkers

  7. Good day to drag out the Scrabble game and read a good book (and have some good strong coffee--oh-wait--that's MY dream day).
    Hope you have a blessed weekend- xo Diana

  8. Hope you get to see some more of the sun.
    That is quite a jump!! 😊

  9. Hopefully you will have more sun and less rain for the rest of your vacation, congratulations on the good news from the cardiologist.

  10. A bad day at the beach is better than good days most anywhere else. I love that jumping pic of you.