Aunt Again

It's A boy!

I found out in June that I get to be an aunt again. 
It was announced yesterday that I'll have another Nephew! 
Due Christmas eve.
It's all grand boys on my side of the family, except for my daughter.

I was hoping for pink ribbons and bows. But its ok. I just pray for a healthy one. Its been twenty five years since a girl has been born into the family.  Family get togethers are full of snakes, snails and puppy dog tails. I'll throw in dirty hands and snotty noses too.

My daughter likes the idea that she still holds the title of the only "granddaughter". She now hopes to one day be the one to have the first "great grand daughter". 
I'm not holding my breath. She needs to find prince charming first.

Speaking of baby boys. My friend has her first grandbaby due anytime now. The nursery theme is vinatge cars and trucks. How cute is that? 
The mom to be found a picture online of some little crochet booties in the shape of cars and made sure I saw them. She said her baby boy just might look good in a pair of them. 

If you know me, I like a challenge, so I worked up a pair of little car shoes without her knowing.

Aren't they cute? I'm pleased at the way they turned out. I can't see them staying on the little kicker but they might add a touch to the nursery. 
The pattern I used is from Hut's Crochet

I'm giving them to her as a surprise gift. She should be getting them in the mail sometime tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting around waiting on results from my stress test. I dont have time to wait around anymore! I'm guessing, no news is good news and I have beach to attend. 
Sea ya! 


  1. Congrats, Lisa, how exciting! And a Christmas Eve due date, wow!! Hey, those booties are super cute, you are seriously so talented!

  2. Those bootie shoes are adorable!!

  3. Congratulations on the Christmas gift of a new nephew, the car booties came out nice, I've never seen any like that before, very good idea.

    No news so far on the stress test sounds like good news, still wishing for some answers for you.

  4. Those booties are super cute.
    I am a great-aunt now. And I suspect the time of becoming a great,great-aunt is drawing closer. When did I get so old.

  5. Oh my goodness, they are the cutest little things.

  6. That's a whole lotta years and a whole lotta boys to match with one grandgirl. lol I hope she can find Mr.Prince Charming and make her wish come true someday.
    That is THE cutest pair of boy's booties I have ever seen! Just darling!
    Hope you have a STRESS-free weekend. xo Diana

  7. Love those booties. Too cute for words. The perfect surprise.

  8. Let me try this out. Aunt Liz. Aunt Lisa. Auntie Liz. Can I have $25.00, Auntie?

  9. Congratulations! BUT I am smiling (reference your daughter) Our Grand daughter Sherece also enjoys being the only GRAND DAUGHTER. She was a dream also. She was such a sweet girl, she definitely stole Grandma's heart. (all of our hearts).

    Yes the shoes are very cute, I know they will love them. You are quite the thinker (and doer)!

  10. Funny how gender things work out like that. My generation was mostly boys, and now girls seems to have the advantage the next generation.