Unlucky Weekend

I've gotten behind on my blogging lately. I've just been lazy though I still take time each day to read other peoples post.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Palm Sunday weekend as we enter into Holy Week.
This is probably my favorite times of the year. The weather starts warming up, The flowers are all in full bloom, the gardens start to harvest and I can wear flip flops!

The daughter came home this weekend so mom here could buy her a new Easter outfit. After hours and hours of shopping from one end of town to the next, No luck.
Everything out there is either too short, too skimpy or too expensive. Yes I gave her a price limit. I figured $50 was enough to buy a nice dress or outfit and maybe some shoes. She just could not find anything she liked.
She suggested that Charlotte had more stores to choose from and will just look around there this week on her own.

Meanwhile, Me and Nick spent Sunday afternoon washing the cars, getting milkshakes and relaxing. Nothing really exciting happened unless you call getting a screw in my tire exciting. Yep, right slab dab in the center of the tire was a screw.


It upsets me that people are careless on what they haul in the back of pickup trucks that can fall out onto the roads. I'm thinking that's where nails and screws come from. We see at least one on the road every week on our walks.

Nick drove me to work on Monday and took the tire to have it fixed. Its time for me to get new tires so we just had the tire store plug it for now. Tires for my vehicle are so darn expensive, I have to save up for a set. I still have 2 months left before I have to get an extended warranty on my car too. I seriously looked into just going ahead and trading for a new car. 

I remember as a teenager, I would drive on the sames tires until I saw thread. If I would have gotten pulled over, I was just gonna tell the police they were racing slicks.

Nick keeps an eye on my tires regularly. He is one to think tires need to be replaced after a certain amount of miles have been put on them despite how much tread is still left. He assures my safety but
they still look good to me.

Needless to say, Ill be getting a new set of tires before we head to the beach again in May.


  1. Well, I hope it didn't cause any grey hairs. You know those hair salon bills. Worse than a set of new tires. (hee hee)

  2. Glad you caught the problem with the tire before you had a more serious situation on your hands.

  3. ps) hope your daughter finds an outfit for Easter. good luck.

  4. Sounds like your tire is screwed!

    Oh pick up trucks, it's funny nobody has banned them considering how most of their owners should not own them. I saw a two full sized trash cans just fall out before on the road. Didn't see the driver make a u turn either.

    Then we have large heavy items like blocks fall out of them...ugh

  5. Okay, I smiled at the racing slicks. I never thought of that but sure ran some bald tires until I saw thread. LOL Hey, I'm surprised, Nick should have tightened the screw,the Phillips head was obvious.
    It takes a girl to enjoy shopping! ugh! ;-)

  6. Oh that stinks but it's good you found it before you went out and found a flat tire!