Pom Pom Fashion

There is something about spring that puts me in the fashion mode (Jack at shipslog doesn't understand. ha). Though I don't really buy much, I do a lot of window shopping.

I don't need any new clothes. I'm fine with the new smaller clothes I was able to purchase last year. I usually will get a new outfit to wear Easter Sunday but a thrift store purchase works just fine for that. 

I noticed in the stores lately, a lot of things with pom pom trim. At first I thought "too hippie or bohemian for me", but then it grew on me and I absolutely adore it! I'm now on a mission to either buy or make my own pom pom fashion. 


No not like that!
That's going over board but a little trim and dazzle is perfect for summer time at the beach.


They are putting pom poms on everything now. 


I love all these looks and more that I found online. 


I hope Mom reads this because I bet she can trim out anything I want if I decide to go that route. 

I went to the Goodwill last night. No intentions of buying shorts but I found these distressed name brand shorts that fit me perfect! 


I also found a light weight sweater to throw on over a bikini top and ....yes brand new, with tags, flip flops with tiny black pom poms on them. I may even add some colored one to them. After all, they only costed me 3.00.

This will be perfect to wear at the beach on a cool summer evening walk or play.
I'm taking a trip to the dollar store today to purchase my own pom poms. I have a hat like this that needs some color! 

Ok maybe I'm a little "boho"


  1. I think I would look dazzling in that last hat.

  2. I am antipompom, but the Goodwill outfit you bought looks like perfect summer wear. I especially like the sweater.

  3. I absolutely love that clutch - where did you find that????

    1. Pinterst! Hahaha. Maybe I need to add links. I like it too!!!!

  4. Not sure about the pom poms but hey if you like them go for it. : )
    Sure adds a nice bit of color.

    1. It does take me out of my comfort zone but I need color? Haha

  5. I like a little boho, too! I really do think you need to try on that first little number though....lol...I call that one "A Plethora of Pom-Poms"...lol xo Diana

  6. Jilda has a purse like the one in the picture. She loves that thing. I think you'd rock pom poms :)

  7. "Everything old is new again." Seems to me this was a fashion in the late 60's.
    Go for it!

  8. You did skeer me with that first picture. I thought I'm not reading one day and the girl has gone crazy! LOL
    Love the pom poms on the accessories though. Good on you if you go a 'little PP' crazy!! ;-) from over in Btown. ;-)

  9. Love the clutch purse with pompoms. And your outfit was cute.