23 Married Years

Today marks another year of marriage for me and Nick. Twenty-Three of them. Who counting though? When someone ask how long we have been married, We both look at each other and start counting how old my nephew is since we know he was born the same year we were married. 

People say "It goes by fast doesn't it? I say, "no, it feels like weve been married forever". Ha!  We are like two of the same person. Morphed into this old married couple. I think I'm started to look like him too. Ha! 

I've had someone ask "how do you stay married to the same person for so many years?" My reply, "Oh, well hes not been the same person all these years and neither am I". And thats the fun of it. 

Now I'm no professional on marriage but here are a few things I've learned through the years that helped us keep a marriage happy. These are views of my own.

1. Put God in your marrage. It will not survive without him. Pray for guidance and attend church together.
2. Don't argue about everything. If he folds the laundry wrong or puts the dishes in the wrong spot. Dont nag! Just fix it. He tried. We get on each others nerves. We know that, so instead of letting it aggrivate us, we have fun with it and find the cuteness in our differences.
3. Never go to bed or leave the house angry. And go to bed together at the same time.
4. Always kiss
5. Praise each other for things well done and help each other with struggles.
6. My husband is head of my home. The protector of the family and I respect him for that. Show respect. 
7. Don't go against each others wishes. Hear each other out and help each other reach goals.
8. Put your spouse ahead of your kids. They need a happy mom and dad.
9. Do not continue doing things that each other doesnt like. 
10. Marraige is not 50/50 its 100/100.
11. Never us the word divorce. Never let it in your mind.
12. Marriage is not about being strong together but about taking turns being strong for each other.
13. Weekend trips with friends and away from each other is not healthy.
14. Seperate bank accounts are nice. Have one together but also have a seperate personal account so you each can have your own personal money to play with and buy things you want or to buy gifts for each other. 
15. Sit around the table for meals. Talk and listen to each other. 
16. Never stop dating. Make time for this!
17. If ones sad, cheer them up. If ones mad, make them laugh.
18. Walk in the sun and dance in the rain.
And last: love like crazy!!!

I love my Italian man!  He makes me laugh, and rearely makes me mad.
He is my best friend and thats the truth! No other person likes me as much as he does. 
He gets me. 

I think I'll keep him. 



  1. good advice. happy anniversary.

  2. Such a good looking couple, wow 23 years....and yet you look like you're still in your 20's!! My parents' anniversary is today also, they are married 52 years!! Enjoy it!

  3. Happy anniversary to you both, love the picture of you two.

  4. Happy Anniversary and many more joyous years. Good advise. A woman's beauty speaks of love and joy.

  5. Happy Anniversary.
    Number One is spot on. I know I had to learn it the hard way!! Just glad Ken and I finally did learn. : )
    All of your thoughts are great advice.
    Ken is Italian too.

  6. You too are just way too cute together Neither of you look old enough to have been married that long. Congrats. We are going on 42 years this year. Hard to believe- and how the heck did I get to be this old?

    I am proud of you--that list is WHY you are still happily married! xo Diana

  7. That is a great list, I agree. We practice most of that list, especially the kissing, SHE IS A GREAT KISSER as she approaches 80. Yes, it can last forever. WE were married at teenagers and now we are coming up on 80 (soon!) LOL So we can 'amen' your list, we have proven it.

  8. The best answer to "How do you stay married to the same person for so many years?" is "Neither one of us has died yet!!"

  9. Wonderful list Lisa. Congrats to you. You two are so sweet together. Many more anniversaries to come.

  10. Happy belated Anniversary. Jilda and I celebrate 43 years on May 5. Where does the time go?

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.