Missing Meemaws and Papaws

Its almost Christmas. But I'm missing my Grandparents right now. Growing up, I was young, they were old. I remember them though like it was yesterday but I was too young then to realize that I needed to spend more time with them for one day they would be gone.

I was in my teens and twenties when they all passed. One by one they left this Earth to be with Jesus. I didn't think about the pain my parents must have felt to loose them. I just remember the pain of loosing my grandparents. I never knew the real pain would hit in my 40's. There is so much I'd like to show them and talk to them about. I wished I would have sat down with my papaws and listened to more stories. I would love to have learned more about their life growing up.

Christmas time is here and I miss them so much at times like this. I remember my maternal grandparents used to have the biggest Christmas tree! It was filled with old ornaments and icicles. You could look at the tree all day and still find an ornament on there you didn't see before. My sisters and brothers and I would spend a lot of evenings there while my parents did their Christmas shopping. I remember spending several hours folding reader digest books so that Meemaw could later turn them into Mrs. and Mr. Santa Claus.

Christmas day all the cousins and Aunts and Uncles would meet at meemaws for Dinner. I can still hear my papaw calling me "his hound dog", and I can still smell the fried chicken coming from the kitchen as the family table was filled with food. Meemaw made the best and most moist cakes you could ever have. The ones I remember most is the strawberry cake and goulash cake made with fermented fruit.

Meemaw used to always have a gun drop tree we all would pick off of.


I never liked the spice gumdrops but it was fun taking them off the tree and eating them anyway. Then we would all rush into the living room for a wrapping paper frenzy as we tore into the presents that were awaiting for us under the tree.

Christmas eve is when we would spend time with my Paternal grandparents. There was always sweets on the table as cousins and aunts and uncles would all meet to share Christmas cheer. She also had a gumdrop tree we were not allowed to touch. I remember papaw would give us all a dollar for Christmas. This was a big deal as a dollar would by a toy at Kmart. He called me "Lether". He never could say "Lisa". He remember his cackling giggle when he would tell jokes. He couldn't hear well and we called him Mr. Magoo. That's who he reminded us of and he looked like him too.
Every time I'm around my daddy, I can see my Papaw in him. He is just like him in so many ways.
I sure do miss them all and wish they could be here. I guess we all feel like we should've spent more time with our grandparents.

Both of my parents work hard to keep up the family traditions of everyone getting together. It's cherished moments that can so easily slip by.


  1. Such a sweet entry and tribute. I only got to know one of my grandparents, and I was only 6 when she passed. Being the baby of the family I did not get to see them. to remember them. But I still have memories of Granny Lloyd in a very small home in S.Gastonia.
    Gum drop trees? OH YES.
    And you must have inherited your creativeness from the grands also.

  2. AWww...I have really thought more about my childhood Christmases this year. It's the first year my Katy is married and so I have more time to myself and less flurry of activity around here to draw my attention elsewhere. So from the time I decorated, wrapped, listened to Christmas music - just everything this year is bringing a flood of memories. Enjoyed reading about yours. Funny how all our traditions change from generation to generation. We just all have so much going on it's hard to keep some of the same things going. Our resources are different today also. You have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I miss my Nana too. She lived with us and it's hard not to think of holidays without her. Your grandparents gumdrop tree sounds delightful and a wonderful tradition to carry on. merry christmas

  4. Lovely memories. I never knew any of my relatives other than immediate family.
    You are blessed to have these recollections to hug to yourself.

  5. Thank you for sharing these precious memories.
    Here's to more.
    Merry Christmas

  6. I love this post. One of the hardest things about aging is losing those you love.

  7. I never had one of those trees

  8. We were lucky enough to have our paternal grandparents live with us for several years!!

  9. Hi, Lisa...it seems so funny to me that our lives seem so much alike, despite the age difference...
    I am Memaw to all our grands...and my children called my dad, Papaw. Both my grandmothers died before I was born so I missed that sweet part of life. I had 2 step-grandmothers but we lived so far apart, I never really knew them. I do miss my two granddads...they were both sweet men. And, of course, my parents died almost 30 yrs ago and I get so lonesome for them at times, I just cry and cry...especially this time of year. Our daughter (about your age) records family stories her dad and I tell and that's a great idea...you might start doing that with your parents when they start telling family stories...they will be gone before you know it...and it's not too late.