Cold walk and Mistletoe

I slept in this morning. I didnt get up until 8:00. Im usually wide awake at 6:30 and will lay around until my fitbit alerts me to get up at 7:00 to go to work. Saturdays I try to sleep in but it usually never happens. My body seems to have its own clock..

When I got up this morning it was 31 degrees outside. I dont like to go outside if the temperature is below my age. I popped some english muffins in the toaster, poured a cup of coffee and snuggled up to my iPad for some reading and writing. 

After breakfast I did some laundry and walked a mile on the treadmill that we ended up pulling out of storage last week. Boring!!! 

I sat back down to another cup of coffee when I suddenly got an idea. I asked Nick if he would like to bundle up and take a walk up the road. "I know where some mistletoe is on a tree along side of the road". Ive had my eye on it all week as I drive by it each morning on the way to work. Im sure its within reach and would love to have some. 

He never turns down a walk so we bundled up and headed up the road. 

The tree was just two blocks away but before we stopped for the mistletoe, I suggested we go ahead and gets some miles in since I was warmed up a little. We ended up walking three miles. On the way home, we stopped at the tree. "Right there. You see it? Mistletoe!


It was a little far from reach but Nick was able to pull the limb down just enough for me to jump up, hang on and grab it off.


It was a nice bundle but no berries. There are no berries because its not been cold enough. Its also odd to find it growing low. 


It now hangs in the doorway of the living room. 
And for the record, Ive aready tried it out and it works.



  1. EXPERIMENTATION is nice. Glad to hear it works.

  2. I would like a treadmill. We now have the space to store one now that we have a garage

  3. We've found that treadmills are very good places to throw your clothes on before (or instead of) hanging them up!!

  4. Yay for a walk. And bigger yay for some effective mistletoe.

  5. Yeah, you are looking great in the photo's. MMMMM, glad the mistletoe works, that is always good to know. ;-). I did like the line of age and temp. I had to laugh, I think Sherry feels that way and she is now in her 70's. LOL

    1. Jack...I liked that line in her post, too..and I can relate with your Sherry...I am about to turn 79 and I like that temp, too. LOL

  6. Nice that you got outside and walked. : )
    Glad you managed to get your mistletoe.

  7. I'm such a kissing fool. You know I have mistletoe hanging all over the house.
    ... but you have tree just blocks away! You are so lucky.
    Great pictures

  8. Now, that pic of you in your white hat,hanging on to the branch would be PERFECT for that NutriSystem's sooo cute...and the mistletoe looks pretty...