Crochet House Slippers

I love to wear my bedroom slippers around the house. However, I sometimes run outside to get something out of the car, pet the dog next door, or retrieve the mail. I will throw my flip flops on not to mess up my soft fluffy slippers that are often curled up in the chair with me. I want to keep those clean.
I had been eyeballing some cute little house slipper patterns on Pinterest. They are crocheted to the bottom of a pair of dollar store flip flops. This saves time on crocheting a sole and makes great slip-ons to run outside. Besides that, they are actually cute, dontcha think? This was my first attempt.

I could not understand most of the patterns I read and tried to follow. (I'm a lefty so I have to read all the patterns backwards). After several attempts, I got rather aggravated and closed the computer lid. Though I used ideas from other patterns, I combined some together and made up a pattern that worked for me. I am not a pattern writer so I hope you can understand my instructions. I'm not selling it, I'm sharing it for anyone who would like to attempt the task.

Size don't matter and I didn't stitch count.

Ok,so they are not perfect,
I actually messed up on these by starting in too far on the sole as seen on the left foot. This made the left slipper slightly smaller and it made a difference.

If your an experienced crocheter, You can change the pattern up to your preference.

Here goes...

*Grab a Pair flip flops- Cut off the straps and pop out the hole plugs.


*Use a sharp needle or object to poke holes about 1/4 inches apart all the way around going in from the top and out half way to the outside edge. (This loom knit needle worked perfect).


*Using your smallest crochet hook (I used a C2), Starting at the center back of the heel, insert your hook and pull a loop of yarn through (from the top) and slip stitch all the way around. Join into the beginning hole. Chain 1.


Use larger hook for remaining crochet. (I used a G hook)

Rnd 1-4: sc around, join, ch 1 (do not turn). Now you have 4 rounds of single crochet. 

Find the center point of the toe end. count back 20 stitches down the side your working on, and place a stitch marker.

Rnd 5: Ch 2, dc in each stitch to the stitch marker, dc2tog 20 times, 1 dc in each st around to the beginning ch 2, sl st in top of beginning ch 2.
Rnd 6: Ch 2, dc in each stitch to the stitch marker, dc2tog 10 times, 1 dc in each st around to the beginning ch 2, sl st in top of beginning ch 2. 
Rnd 7: Ch 1, sc in each stitch to the stitch marker, sc2tog 6 times, 1 sc in each st around to the beginning ch 1, sl st in top of beginning ch 1. 
Rnd 8: sc around tie off.

Now that I have accomplished this pair, I think I will make a pair with a color I like better. I'm not a fan of purple but this was just a cheap yarn I found laying around. It worked up great but I'd rather use the "I love this Yarn" brand. Its a little softer and easier to work with.

You can sell what you make with this pattern but please do not sell the pattern. ITS MINE.
If you make a pair of slippers using my pattern, I would love to know how it turned out for ya. Comment below or email me a photo. Thanks!!


  1. I ain't a gonna try it, but I sure like the idea. I like how it is attached to the sole. neat!

  2. They look VERY comfortable--& cute!!

  3. Hi Lisa, wow I love these crocheted slippers you made! You are so creative and talented.
    Thanks for sharing this at C&C with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  4. well, these are just adorable and the neatest idea, ever. They look amazing ...I don't really know how to crochet and I sure as heck don't understand the are very talented....and when does you commercial come on tv ?? They should know we are all dying to see itl