Change Of Plans

A week ago I figured I'd be snuggled up in my camper at the beach celebrating my Husbands birthday today. 

Thanks to hurricane Matthew, our plans had to change. The campground where our camper is stored will not let anyone in until Friday afternoon. That would cut our time in half. We are still unclear if there is any damage to the camper or not. They called those with sugnificant damage first and are still in the proccess of calling those with minor damage, we have not gotten a call so we assume no news is good news.

I went on into work. Now the plan is to go next week instead. I think that is a better choice any way. It could be crazy down there this week with everyone assessing the damages. 

After dinner, we went for our afternoon walk. I came across this bush. It was unusual but really pretty. Can anyone tell me what kind it is? I have no idea.


On down the road I spotted these Spider Lillies. We used to have these all over the yard at our previous house. I used to call them October flowers. Never found them to be pretty and would usually mow them down.


Seeing these made me think of how I miss that little house. 

After our walk, we celebrated his birthday with a plate of cake my sweet daughter brought him yesterday. We plan to make next weekend part of his birthday too. I plan to take him out to a restaurant of his choice and whatever else he wants to do. I can hardly wait to get my feet in the sand and keeping my fingers crossed we will not be patching up anything from the storm.


  1. yell, "yo...birthday boy," for me.

    Walks are good

  2. Happy Birthday to Hubby!!! Glad you are safe from the storm!

  3. Tank you for sharing this. Didn't I say there by new plans. in a previous comment?

  4. We didn't get much from the Hurricane here, we were lucky

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Sounds like going next week is a better plan.

  6. I sure hope you have no damage. There was some in Lakewood, but we were spared. Thank goodness. I don't know what that flower is either, but it's pretty. Wishing your husband a Happy Birthday week.

  7. sure hope your camper is ok...