The Cook Book

If you think your having deja vu, you are. This is a rewrite of an old post. Enjoy.

A few years ago, my husband had bought me a new camera for my birthday and it came with an offer from Shutterfly that I could not turn down. Well, I did turn it down until two days before it expired. I kept getting emails reminding me of my free photo album. I didn't know what kind of photo album I wanted to make but I didn't want my free offer to expire.

So, I went to the site and looked through what all they had to offer and there it was, "make your album into a cook book". I could do that! I only had two days to put it together to get it published and it took me every bit of that time. I wish I had looked into it sooner so I could have taken more time with it and make it more creative. Two weeks later, it came in the mail. I was pretty excited.

Most of the recipes are from the ones I have posted before on my blog. I didn't have much time to think it out a whole lot.
But here it is a sneak peak at a few pages in my twenty page cook book.

Does the cover look familiar? Yep, Its from one of my paintings I posted about earlier.
You can check it out again HERE.

Thanks Shutterfly!

One day I would love to go through some of the recipes I have collected from my mom and mother in law and create a big cookbook including all the recipes we love. That would be a big project. It would literally be like writing a book. I have so many recipe boxes around the kitchen it would take forever to go through them all. Maybe this could be a winter project to tackle. 


  1. I was going to do this a few years back, but never did because life got in the way. How cool that you did. A treasure to be cherished, for sure.

  2. Neat, from over in Belmont with our home in the shop in GASTONIA

  3. Nice memories, appreciate you sharing

  4. My wife has become interested in cook books lately. She hasn't put it to practice much yet though

  5. I LOVE THIS!!! what a great idea for a gift for a family Wedding....gather recipes from the guests and turn it into a cookbook for the bride & groom!

  6. Wow! That's a great looking book!

  7. I love this too! Wonderful to have on hand and family will love it for years to come!