Mantis Mania

You are fixing to read and see something really cool.

Back in January as I was inspecting my butterfly bush in the front yard, I noticed a sticky glob of something on one of the branches. It was stuck on there like a wad of bubble gum. I wondered "what in the world is that"? 

I showed it to my sister and we began investigating. She concluded that it was definitely a Praying Mantis nest. We began to search around inline to find out about them a little more. 

Come to find out that you can save them in a jar until they hatch. Some sell them or give them to schools for learning. Once they hatch, you will have hundreds of Mantis to scatter throughout your yard and gardens. These little creatures eat almost any bug it comes across, so they are your friend.

I don't really care much about bugs but I  remember how my sister used to find butterfly cocoons and save them until they would hatch. So, I asked her if she wanted the mantis nest. Of course she did.

I carefully broke off the limb it was attached to and placed it in a jar covered with cheesecloth and gave it to her. She kept it inside and placed it in a window where the sun would keep it warm.

Yesterday, my phone started going off. She had babies. Little Praying Mantis babies. Hundreds of them. She sent me several pictures of the new critters.

I thought it was creepy looking but really amazing at the same time. 

She took them outside to release them from the jar.  

hopefully she will have a bug free and blessed yard this summer. That is if the mantis do not eat all of each other!  


  1. How cool is that. Very interesting.

  2. I believe they ARE cannibals, but she's got a lot of them!!

  3. they are a little creepy. But it is neat. I was going to say originally that it might have been some kind of bee/wasp/hornet/etc nest, but at least it was some kind of bug nest.

  4. Well son of a gun! I never knew this, very interesting. I know about the cocoon, but this is very different. I thought there would be one or two hatch. Neat how tiny they are. Good post!

  5. I used to see these all the time when I was a kid. I was always surprised to see so many babies come out.

  6. fascinating, thank you