Suffering Allergies

It never fails. Every single morning and most of my days are filled with sneezing and stopped up sinuses. My nose is a like a clogged spigot with a drip. Constantly, I suffer. Its part of my life. I've learned to control a lot of it but I still suffer every single day.  When I was a child, I had hay fever and asama which I grew out of the asama problem. I was always told it will come back sometime in my adulthood but I hope not. When I take a morning walk, my eyes are filled with tears. I look as if I'm crying. I just don't know.

My medication of choice, going on about four years now, is Allegra. I take a pill each night before bed. If I do not take one, I will wake up double worst. It will be like a full blown cold. crazy huh? I do not call them seasonal allergies as I have them year round. The worst mornings are rainy ones. You would think the rain would wash away the allergens in the air and make it a fresher day for me. But no. With that being said, I sorta think maybe I'm allergic to molds instead of pollen or dust.

That reminds me of a funny embarrassing moment I had.
One day I was having a conversation with this man about our allergies and such. During the conversation I said, as serious as I could.... "Oh I can not live without my Viagra".......I meant to say "Allegra".  The room was silent until I quickly corrected myself and then we had a good laugh. 

My Daughter suffers allergies just like me but hers are somewhat worst and on a different level. She used to take allergy shots. She had to get two shots a week for four years. And those four years were her college years. It was an inconvenience but did her good. Now that shes over the shots, her allergies are gradually worsening. Most dogs, cats and dust are what triggers hers. Sadly when shes around someone that owns pets, that is enough to put her in an allergic state sometimes.

I'm thinking of trying a new allergy medicine just to see if it will work for me. The doctor told me that I would not get immune to the Allegra and it was safe to take every day. It does not make me drowsy or restless. But I just don't know sometimes. All I know is I cant skip it.


  1. I mentioned your blog to Sherry who hasn't got here yet. She said, "I sneezed twice in church this morning." I said Yeah we all knew it! LOL (No, I'm smarter than that, I hope)
    We have noticed as we get older our allergies are worse, some folk get better with it. But since we did not suffer earlier, I guess we feel like it is our time. Most probably our present problem is living in the woods up here near

    I did sorta smile at the Viagra. hahahahahaha!!!

    Sending love from up here in the POLLEN laden-ed woods.

  2. I'm lucky and don't have allergies. Sounds like yours is pretty serious and don't know if this will help but have you tried eating local honey? My son had allergies and he started eating local honey daily and his allergies were very much improved.

    1. I actually eat honey every day. I swear it keeps me from getting sick. Good stuff.

  3. I snorted tea out my nose at your verbal faux pas.
    Spring is rough on us too.

  4. Sorry to hear about your allergies. My daughter is overwhelmed by them too. The newer meds seem to help. The older ones not so much.

  5. I luckily have none that I know of.

  6. Might be something in the house maybe even mold which can be dangerous. Are their any tests to determine exactly what you are allergic to.