Saturday Outing

Saturday was such a beautiful day. It was sunny and 75 with a mix of a few clouds that came over just in the times we needed a little shade. The perfect weather to go for a walk. We have had a few bad experiences the past couple days while walking around the neighborhood. We are either running from stray dogs that are coming out of nowhere or hiding from the Opossum that scavenges the properties.

We wanted to get out a little while, but still wanted to get some walking in. So, we decided to head down to the county Museum and walk the nature trail. I remember this trail from when I was a little kid. It just seemed a lot bigger then. Its only a 1/2 mile loop.

We forgot that it was Earth Day weekend. The trail was full of activities and kids so we couldn't really get the speed up for a power walk but we enjoyed it all the same. Along the trail there were booths set up with information about things such as "how plants grow", "kinds of rocks you see" and "how bees make honey". We stopped at a few displays and actually learned a few things.

On down the path we came to the old farm area of the museum trail where you can tour old country living. We saw how they shear sheep (the old way way). 

Then we saw how the wool was spun into thread. 

It was interesting to also see the people were dressed for the occasion.

We walked inside the museum lobby to say hello to T-Rex before leaving.

Before heading home we stopped by Sweet Frogs yogurt shop for a tad of yogurt . Yes just a tad..... oh and I had to have those wet nuts on mine and a gummy frog for fun.

We also visited an Antique shop and a thrift store where I found this tapestry runner. I wanted something to cover a vintage vanity in my daughters room. I needed something to cover a bad spot on the top surface. It was driving me crazy and I don't have the means to fix it.

I think it fit perfect and has just the right colors to match the coral and tan colored bedding.

Later we headed out to dinner and back to rest. I need to catch up on some crocheting and laundry....wait, that's not resting!!!


  1. sounds like a wonderful day. love the runner. great vintage piece.

  2. We haven't walked that nature trail, but now it can get on. the list. Love the runner. You-done-good.

    Love from your hometown

  3. OH, I am a big frozen yogurt fan, BUT NOT A TAD! ;-)

  4. The T-rex was one of the last dinsoaurs (except the flying kind that became the ancestors of birds) before they all went extinct. Most think the t-rex was a violent dinosaur, mostly because of the size, the mouth, and the fact that they lived in America.

  5. Thank you for letting me tag along

  6. That looks like a wonderful place.

  7. Sounds like a great day out.
    We helped some friends of ours shear sheep on their farm. Harder than it looks!