I'm sitting here pondering about these eggs a customer sent my way yesterday.

I have never had fresh eggs right out of a chicken before that I know of. What if there's a chick inside? As I eggsamine [examine] them carefully, I'm wondering why they are not white? Iv'e heard of brown eggs but not  pink, green, blue, orange or grey eggs as I'm seeing all those colors here. But aren't they pretty?

I'm guessing my grandmother and maybe even my mom has used fresh eggs before. I'm not sure. I know grandma rung chicken necks and plucked them before she cooked up the best fried chicken ever. That does not bother me, but something about an egg that's not stamped with approval makes me skeptical.

I just noticed the Bible verse on the inside of the carton. I bet you don't see that at many stores.           Maybe that's my stamp of approval.
I get a feeling of guilt when I read that verse after I've complained all day.

I guess I'll take a leap of faith and crack some open for a tasty dish.
Is that all I do?
How do they differ from the ones in the store?
Does anyone know why they are different colors and if that has anything to do with flavor?
What is the expiration date?
Do I have to clean them somehow? I mean, you never know where the chicken has been.

Countryfied but confused.


  1. As to your questions--I have NO idea!!

  2. Mama always sid the brown egg was the most nutritious. I love fresh eggs, we used to buy direct from the farmer, when I was a kid mama raised chickens and I gathered eggs.
    I have seen the colored eggs (pastels) but I do not know the reason nor the chicken.
    A farmer in Missouri said the fresh egg will hold it's shape when broke in the pan, the cold storage egg will spread. I had never noticed that, but it is true.

    1. After this post. I DID eat one. Made an omlet with it. It was great. :)

  3. I have a friend who gives me colored eggs like that right from the chicken and they are the best eggs ever. Yolks of dark golden yellow and I love them. They make my pancakes look like yellow cake.
    Different kinds of hens lay different color eggs.
    I just crack then open like any other egg.

  4. Easter egger chickens lay the "colorful" eggs, hence the name.

    Also a fresh egg from the hen would not have a chick. That'd be like a women having a fetus in her womb at 2 weeks.

    1. I had someone explain the egg process to me. I had no idea!!! Haha

  5. You should see the varieties of eggs they sell at the Chinese market

    1. Just how many kinds of chickens are there???? Chinese chickens?

  6. OK I'll weigh I. Here. Those eggs may be fertilized which means the hen had romantic (on some level) relations with a rooster which means they yoke will be much darker yellow. There's a good chance those eggs are organic which means no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones.
    The color has nothing to do with taste. Different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs unless they are fed food color which I doubt is case with these eggs.
    Also the eggs you but at most grocery stores are kept in cold storage for over a month.
    Bottom line, your probably going to have some of the best eggs you've ever eaten.