People call me crafty and sometimes im called an artist. When I see real artist I think im just crafty. An Artist, I wish.

When I sit and think about it, Ive been this way as long as I've known me. I can't remember a lot from my childhood but I remember my craftiness as far back as 4 or 6 years old.

22 things creative people do different
As a small child I loved to color, paint by number and make things with play dough. I mean, I really made things with play dough. I would make bowls, vases and sculptures, let them dry in the sun to harden and sell them to my friends for a dime. I even used clay I could dig up from the yard. When My paper dolls tore up, I would draw them up another set of clothes. I can just keep going with little things like this but let me start with first grade........

I never liked school.  I could care less about learning. First grade teacher, Mrs Martin had these needle point American flags that she let the class work on often. They were made using yarn and a fat plastic child proof needle. I would complete one in a day. That's all I wanted to do, and well, she let me. It kept me busy while everyone else read. I even finished up other students flags (mostly for the boys). She found it so amusing that she actually bought me a real needle point to do. With real thread and sharp needle. It was of a gray mouse holding a ball of red yarn. I remember it like it was just yesterday.

Later on Mom taught me to sew barbie doll clothes and later how to crochet. 
My favorite class in school was art and I loved working with clay. 

Daddy would give me pocket knives and I carved acorns and sticks into jewelry. I was always coming up with something to make or do with things I found. To think about it, that's just what kids did in the 70's. I remember the boys putting together go carts and tree houses with scraps of wood, metals and wagon wheels found around the neighborhood.

I gave up art in high school all because of a boy! Yep. I could kick myself in the butt for that. It was my chosen art class on the first day of my junior year. Unfortunately It wasn't to late to make schedule changes. I looked over at the girl beside of me, she was wearing my boyfriends high school ring! My hand went in the air and I announced to God and everybody that I wanted out if this class. Wish granted.

I never went back. See how silly teenagers are? When I reached my 30's I joined a six week pencil art class and loved it so much I took a water color class the next season. Now I sometimes attend acrylic paint parties with friends. However, Its just too expensive for me right now, so I don't go as often as I'd like.

Now days I do a lot of crocheting and will paint a picture when the notion hits me. I admire people that can draw and paint. I've always wanted to know how to draw people and attend a live model class.

Creative peoples minds are always wondering. Always overworking and thinking of the next thing to make or do. There are so many great ideas out there waiting to be created. You never know when a new idea will pop in our heads. Ideas are off the wall. all of a sudden, wham! I will loose sleep thinking about it.

I got my creativeness from my Mom and Grandmothers.
My mom is a great seamstress and can make anything from belts to wedding dresses and still owns her own alteration shop. Growing up, she was full of creative ideas.

My next project? I want to make a small fairy Garden.
See what I mean?
The idea hit me and I will think about it until its complete, some how, some way. Stay tuned for that one.


  1. It's true ideas are everywhere. The fairy garden sounds delightful. My BFF finished one and it's so sweet.

  2. YOu are a wonder at describing how one can feel. I regret not finishing school. I never liked school, except the math part. Oh how I wish I had taken art, and I didn't even have the chance.
    The graphic mentioning creative people and so many open tabs. I think you got the right graphic.
    I do love to see the things you do. I admire creativeness. My family was full of it, I have a little. My brothers and sisters excelled, as you have.
    Yes, I admire an artist, I can't help it. I am not sure if you have heard of Mr. Hansel of Mt Holly.. He ran a front end alignment shop. He was the best. I thought of him as an artist with precision. He was perfect.
    Later I saw some stone carvings, sculpts. His name was attached, I was floored. I knew a REAL artist, and sculpture was the medium, and did not know it until he died. I was hurt. His stuff is in museums and I thought he was just a great auto man.
    So yes, I admire your talent and creativeness. WE all miss that ONE thing, and mine too was ART CLASSES.

    Love this entry!

  3. What a great post! Yes, teenagers can be quite silly. I've got my fair share of stories of stupid things I did during that period of life.

  4. I got no artistic talent of any kind. I took art class once in middle school. Even with the help, I made nothing special

  5. Yes, you are an artist and I think we all have some artistic ability, maybe just not discovered yet.

  6. Great insight, thank you

  7. I can't wait to see your little fairy garden - and all the other amazing things you create!!