Nutrisystem Cookie Sandwich

If you have been following me, you know I have been on Nutrisystem. Its been almost a year now and I still receive food shipments. Why? Because I like it. I lost below my goal weight and lost a total of 47 lbs. Im trying to loose three more just to claim a 50lbs loss but either way, Im at a size I like of 121 lbs. Nutrisystem helps me stay on track. While I eat a lot of regular foods now, I like to have the Nutrisystem meals to fall back on or for the simple fact of convenience.

Anyway, I do get bored of the foods at times and always looking for new ways to eat them. I discovered a delicious way to revive the Nutrisystem White Chocolate Chuck Cookies.
Here goes.

First I crushed the cookies as fine as I could get them without using a food processor. You can do this with a nut chopper or rolling pin, your choice. I just think its a waste of mess to pull out the food processors for a cup of cookies.

Spray the crushed cookies with spray butter. Zero Fat, Zero Calories. This is so they will stick together to form a crust.

Put half of the crushed cookies in a small ramekin, mug or shallow cup. A measuring cup would even work just fine. Press the buttered crumbs to the bottom.

Add a layer of sugar free cool whip, Reddi Wip or other whip cream.

Add the remaining other half of cookie crumbs to the top and lightly press, then place in the freezer for about 45 minutes.

Pop it out, and there you have it. A delicious cookie sandwich.

You can use ice cream if you wish but I love love love whip cream of any kind.

This counts as a Nutrisystem dessert plus one extra.
If your not on Nutrisystem, you can do the same thing with any of your favorite cookies.



  1. I've seen this made with greek yogurt in the middle!! Need to try this!!