Cookie Baking and Delivery

Winter is here and Christmas is just two days away. I have been working in the kitchen making goodies to pass out to my wonderful neighbors. This is one of my favorite things to do.

I will find a recipe to experiment with but I usually stick to basically my favorite cookies to make.
Italian Almond cookies (AKA snowball cookies), Fudge and Biscotti are my in my safe zone. Well, except I did burn the Biscotti this time. Not good.

This year I experimented with making another Italian cookie called Crostoli , also known as Chiacchiere or Galani.
My husband is always talking about a lightly sweet cookie that his Italian grandmother used to make every Christmas. The story of how good they are is always brought up this time of year. I set out to find the recipe to this cookie since obviously his grandmother kept it in her head and to her grave.

He doesn't know what they were called but I searched until I found what seemed to be pretty close to what he has explained. I'm sure mine will not be as good as hers but it was worth a shot and it gave me an excuse to try something new. They turned out delicious but he said " These are close, but still not the cookie Grandmother made." It was hard to get them rolled out thin enough to turn crispy. That was the texture he was looking for. Ill give it another shot another day.

While I was baking, Nick was laughing from across the room. I kept asking "what is so funny?"
It was the chef hat on my head. Yes I felt like wearing a chef hat. I meant business! As I was mixing and patting, he sent this text picture to my phone.

Now I know why he was laughing. Yes, I love Lucy. This went on the whole time I was in the kitchen. I don't know who had more fun, me or Nick.

I gently packed each tin with cookies and ventured out into the freezing cold and snow to deliver the cookies.

Just kidding!!!! Its in the 70's today here in North Carolina. With thunder storms. Doesn't feel like Christmas weather at all!
I will not complain. I love the warmth.

My Daughter will be coming home again soon to spend Christmas with us. She usually helps me bake but she has to work. Even though she's only 30 minutes away, its always exciting to me when she's home. She still has her room and loves sleeping in her old bed. She will be working on Christmas Eve but lucky for her, she can remotely work from home in her Pajamas on that day.

Now that all the goodies are delivered and the shopping is complete, I can set back with a cocoa and cookie of my own and relax.
I think me and Ashley will be going to the nail salon for a quick manicure too.

This will be my last post before Christmas. With that being said, I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas!


  1. What a fun post! You look so cute in your Chef's Hat It reminded me that I have one, also. I will have to put it with my baking items so I can remember to use it when folks are around. Your baked goodies look so good. Congrats on trying to replicate "the recipe". I'm quite sure that they were great, at least - close. Blessings.

  2. I'm with Vicki and Mary, as 'sweet' fun post. I love the 'family' interaction, it makes for a wonderful Christmas Season. Of course you make cookies fun, good on you.
    Love and Merry Christmas from Wildwood, Florida from the OLD couple "Sherry & Jack" Have a great one@!!!!

  3. Dang, I wish I were one of your neighbors. Jilda makes Christmas cookies each year will all our nieces and nephews. It's always a fun event :) Merry Christmas eve eve.