If I Could Have It My Way

A lot of people have what they call a bucket list. Its a list of things they wish to accomplish before they die. I refuse to do one of these because, one, It would be a rather short list, and two, Id have to much anxiety to get it done fearing I wouldn't fulfill it all before I actually did die. So, I just take life one day at a time and take what it gives me.

I do think often though. I have dreams. I do not think any of my wishes are out of reach. Its just the time and money it would take to get there.

If could have it my way:
  • I would no longer work in this smelly office filled with vulgar talk, smoke smog and non-appreciation.
  • Id leave it today if I could have it my way.
  • I would be working in a more professional office or health care facility of some sort preferably using my phlebotomy training. 
  • That job would be located in the place I want to live, the coast.
  • It could even be just a part time job to get me by. I don't care to be rich, just comfortable. Id rather find resourceful ways to get by instead of relying on all the luxury of the world.
  • I would live in a small house where I can smell, hear and see the ocean from my windows. 
  • My windows would always be open If I could have it my way.
  • A place where I feel safe to be alone. Where I can have leisure and relaxation.
  • I would visit South Port, take bike tours in Beaufort, and see the light houses at the Outer Banks.
  • Me and my husband would find a new church together.
  • I would have one cat. I wish to have a blue Scottish fold. again, only one.
  • I would have all new friends and the true friends here would visit me a couple times a year.
  • I would marry my Husband again. We'd have a small ceremony on the beach and a lieu following with lots of people and new friends.
  • I have it all planned out, If could have it my way.
  • I would not want to be further than a few hours drive from my Mom and Dad.
  • and my Daughter would live and work close by.
  • I would take up surf fishing.
  • I would take a ride on a sail boat, maybe even learn to sail one and have my own.
  • I would stay healthy and live to be 100 years old and still leave the world before my loved ones.
  • If only I could have it my way.
We will be taking our first beach trip of the year soon. My husband and I will continuously talk about "one of these days". We have a lot of the same dreams. I just feel they are closer than he does. I'm just more spontaneous and optimistic. If it takes a few more years to get started with our wishes, then so be it. Ill take what life throws at me. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and daughter and just knowing how in love we are and enjoy every minute together, makes me happy today.


  1. Can you Squeeze a blog entry. Just hold it close because you really like it? Because if I could I would. This is a sweet entry.

    I love it when I hear younger folk who are in love with someone special, and in love with life.

    YOu see, I said those things, I did not get them the way I wanted, but WE did get it our way!
    Thanks for making me think, and still at 76 I still dream. Something special happened today, we took an 88 year old fiesty woman who is still in love with life, out for her Birthday dinner, we even picked up her 88 year old boyfriend. Life can be good...

  2. WOW, that is sweet to see my latest book on your side bar. Thanks.