Happy Easter

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. First, its symbolize how Christ sacrificed for us all. Its meant to be a new beginning. Its the beginning of spring. The flowers and dogwoods are blooming. The birds are singing and rushing around to get their nest built. I just love it.

Our church had a Good Friday service. Then Easter egg hunt was on Saturday and Easter morning we went to sunrise service and breakfast then attended church service a few hours later. We are now on our way to have lunch with family.

My daughter came home to spend the weekend. She will never outgrow the Easter tradition of dying eggs and baking some Easter goodies and yes, she still gets an Easter basket full of goodies. Did I mention, shes 23 years old? Yep still our baby.

We dyed eggs


and tried to make some bunny tails. AKA "Lemon Coconut Bliss". .You can find the recipe here. I couldnt get the recipe to work for me but the mess of mush it made was tasty.

This year, my husband was the Easter bunny.  He wanted to do her Easter basket this time. I sat back and let him. He has been staying on her to keep her car clean since shes moved out. Shes said she doesn't have things to do it with... 

She does now. This year, her basket was a car wash bucket instead of a pocket book. It was filled with sponges, soaps, shiners and sprayers instead of beauty products, clothes and games. The look on her face when she got it was priceless. Sort of confused and surprised. Ok, mom had to add some candy, cookies and makeup to the mix but it was still wash bucket.

I think my Husband did a good job. I believe Ill let him do her next birthday and Christmas


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  1. What a grand idea about the bucket. You have taught him well, he 'done' good. Yeah, just reading a few blogs and I already knew mama would add the Easter goodies. LOL
    I love the idea of never forgetting the dying of the eggs. Tradition is SWEET.
    Love from over in the Belmont area...(for awhile!)