Nutrisystem- The Reveal

I finally found a "fat" picture so I could show off my reveal. Like most of us, we get rid of the "bad" pictures. I found a photo that I could not get rid of because it was from my Daughters college graduation and it was a good one of her. I made a copy to crop so I can use it for my reveal photo.

This is me after loosing 21 lbs.

I survived Easter weekend with all the fun foods and family dinners. I controlled myself and eat light. I did however, Eat a cookie, a piece of cheese cake and a peep. I did not gain a pound but instead, I actually lost some more ounces.

I step on the scales every morning. I know, they say not to do that but do. It will move up or down a couple ounces each day but mostly down. This gives me the motivation either way, to continue.

I actually cleaned out my closet last weekend and give away my size 12s. My 10's are loose and I can wear an 8. woohoo! I feel good about that. I do struggle with feeling bad when I'm around others that think they are overweight. I shouldn't. Even though I do not think they need to diet, they can if they choose too. Nobody can take the weight off except the person wanting too. I also know how a size 8 or 10 can feel big if you spent most of your life under 100 lbs. which I did. I remember an 8 being a large! Now I'm happy to just be back in an 8. So, everyone is different.

I have lost a couple more pounds this past week and hope to loose 15 more. I plan to continue with the Nutrisystem Diet through May. I have not decided to keep on or postpone my shipments for a couple months. It sort of scares me to think of eating my own things again. But I may try it a month or more to see if I can keep the weight down myself.

I'm still loving the foods I get from Nutrisystem and the program is fun to keep up with.  I could never think of this many foods to eat each day. It never gets boring.


  1. Hi Lisa, wow congrats to you for losing all of the weight. You look great and must feel so good! Have a lovely day and week.
    Julie xo

  2. You look fabulous. I am working my way down. Started at size 22W pants and currently rockin' 16W jeans. I'm cleaning my closet out as I do this. NS has been a saving grace for me. I have tried many diets previously and none worked like NS. NS is a lifestyle change and it is easy to follow. You can teach an ole dog like me new tricks! LOL

  3. Hi Lisa! Congratulations on how far you have come. It has been so great checking in with each other as we have both dropped the pounds. I think we will be fine once we go off the diet. I have been transitioning out somewhat slowly and I think we are loving our new found look & image so much that we will want our results to stay. Transition out slowly when you are ready. XOXO Stay Happy! You deserve it. You look awesome!