I have just added a copyright to my blog. You should too.

You may think like me, that surely there is nothing on my blog that anyone would want to copy as their own but you will be surprised. If someone thinks its a win, they will take it and call it there own.


By placing a copyright on your blog you are simply showing thieves that you do not tolerate this type of activity.

Lets get started.....

Click webweaver and generate your free copyright code. It will only take a minute. Once you have generated the code, add it to the bottom (or wherever you choose) of your blog page by using the html gadget option on your layout. You can scroll down and see mine at the very bottom. ;) Cute huh?

There are also more legal information you may need or find interesting by visiting serendipityandspice. This is were I just learned about the copyright thing.

Its a good idea to always add a source to as of where you copied a picture, clip art or artical you use on your blog that is not your own. And bloggers rule, its always a respectful and fair to add a link leading to where you got some of your information. It also would not hurt to add a watermark to your pictures. I use Pickmonkey for mine. Its a fun picture editing site. Sure, people can still steal and use your pictures but this will detour them to a degree.

I hope maybe I covered a few things you didn't know. Its always good to be safer than sorry.

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