Children on Facebook

Face it, just about everyone is on Facebook now days. Its fun to socialize, share funny stories, read prayer request, look at someones new baby. Then again there is a lot of drama, ugly pictures, dirty jokes, etc. that come along with it.

Facebook has a rule that you are suppose to be at least 13 to sign up ( I personally think it should be 15).
Kids now days are getting around this, or should I say the parents are letting their kids get around it by teaching them to lie and showing them how to set up a Facebook account with fake information.


40% of the Facebook users under the age of 18 are actually under the age of 13. This just burns me up!
I know personally a mother that helped her son open up a face book account. He is only 11! His profile states that he is 22. His pictures look as if hes 9 and his little friends? They all look like little tots dressing and acting as if they were teenagers.
I find this to be so wrong and dangerous.
Parents, if your going to open your child up to this part of the world, teach them safety and monitor them. Its not a thing about trust, its about keeping them safe and morally protected.

First off, his page is not even private. So, its open for all the predators and stalkers out there to see everything about him, his family and his friends.
Next, its shows the world where he lives.
You can also see and view just about everyone of his little friends in which I'm sure are only barely 12 or younger. Why? Because their pages are not private either so I was able to snoop all around them. I was disgusted at why in the world a parent would let there child do this.
Parents now days do not monitor their children like they should. I mean, at least make it private where only people they know and trust can see their Facebook. There is a setting for that!
Even though your child is "a good child" or a "mature child" does not make a difference. Children have curious minds. One thing will lead to another. If a little 11 year old is flirted with by "anyone" they will be flattered and carry on with conversation easily. They are too immature to think out the dangers. People on Facebook are real, not a character in a video game (which I have complaints about too but that's another story).

Needless to say, he has asked me already to be his Face book friend but I denied it. I have a rule that I will not allow anyone under 15 to be my friend on Facebook. I am against it, therefore I will not promote it.
I do not put anything on my profile that is not kid friendly but I have friends that will use adult humor or life drama on their Facebook and I wouldn't want a child to see.

Parents! Please. Let you kids be kids. Make them go out and play with the kids on the playground for social activity, not sit in a closed room on the computer talking to "who knows who".

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