January Daisies

Its been a while since I did some artwork. I have been so wrapped up in crocheting and the holidays, that I nearly forgot about the relaxation of painting.

One afternoon after all had settled down, the house was cleaned and crochet orders were caught up, I decided I wanted to paint a while. I didn't have a new blank canvas so I took an old ugly abstract painting I did a couple years ago and painted over it with a new look. That's the fun of acrylic!

"January Daisies"

I knew sort of what I wanted to paint. I needed a picture for my bathroom to coincide with the colors of the curtain and rug. I grabbed just three colors plus white and began my masterpiece. I was not sure what to paint or how to do the colors so I just began using the brush on the canvas and adjusted and blended as I went. once it was completely dry, I randomly drew long stem daisies blowing in the wind.
I plan to do some more paintings as soon as I get more time. Painting is so relaxing.

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