Diet Struggles

I am a perfectly healthy 44 year old. I have no health problems except allergies and achy knees. But at my last wellness checkup, I was labeled overweight. I know I'm overweight but this is the first time someone else told me that.

Until about twenty years and one child ago, I was barely 110lbs. My weight has continued to go up.
I blame it a lot on the lack of exercise I get due to sitting in a chair all day at work, not eating the right foods and eating to much sweet stuff!

However, I did Zumba classes 3 times a week for 3 years and was only able to maintain my weight, not loose it. So I thought to myself, "maybe 155lbs is my ideal weight. over a year ago I stopped Zumba for a couple reasons and now my weight has risen to 167lbs. I eat a lot of sweets and pig out on nacho chips at the Mexican restaurant. Both are my weakness.

I have decided to do something about it. I have a goal now to loose at least 30lbs. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it but I am determined. I'm blogging about this in hopes It will give me more reasons to stick to my goal because I do not like to lie anyone. Other than my Husband and Daughter, I do not have friend support to help me through these struggles. None of my friends need to diet or have the time.

Monday 10/28/13 I started this exercise plan I found on Pinterest:

Another goal is to be able to run for 20 minutes in 12 weeks. If my knees will hold out, I will be able to accomplish this. I hope to be down to 130 lbs. by then also. On a rainy day, I will resort to my Zumba Wii workout. 

My hardest struggle is to stay away from the sweets. Holidays are coming up. I will not deprive myself from everything, but I'm going to use the my fitness pal app to help me stay below 1200 calorie diet. Its a calorie counter for your iPhone. Wish me luck!
Oh, and if you have this app and want me to follow you, just send me your email address. We can keep each other going.

Id love to hear your stories or strategies to loose weight.


  1. Hello, very interesting post, I came by November blog hop and I'm now following you. I'm anxious to see your future posts!

  2. Hi, I recently lost 40lbs using a combination of My Fitness Pal for calorie counting and working out 6 days a week. One thing/tip I will say about the calories is that you must eat the required 1200 each day, if you don't eat all the calories of a sedentary lifestyle (which is 1200 calories by default for everyone regardless of age, height, weight, etc) then your body will start to store fat thinking it won't be getting enough food. Your better to go over each day by about 50 calories to make sure you are getting enough. My Fitness Pal really helped me to realize how many calories were in some of the foods I was eating and made me make wiser food choices. I look forward to following your progress! You can do this!
    Visiting from the Bloggy Moms November Hop!

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