Diet week 3

I've stuck to my diet and exercise and am now on the beginning of my 3rd week.

Its not a big starvation or over achieving exercise diet, I have just been keeping track of my calories with the MyfitnessPal app by staying under 1200 calories a day. I also go walk after dinner. I hate walking especially in the cold.

How's that going?

I have cut out sweets such as cakes and cookies. If I get a sweet tooth, I will grab some nuts or maybe a piece of Halloween candy still hanging around the house. I also love the sugar free Cool Whip and will eat it on top of jello, strawberries or blueberries. I have noticed my sugar cravings and decreased a lot and that makes me happy. I Love sweets. I have found that the longer I do without them, the less I want them. However, If I do decide I want a piece of cake at a shower, party, or family get together, I will have some. But just a little bit. Thanksgiving is almost here so I hope I can continue to contain myself.

I do brisk walks every afternoon only giving myself one day off a week. I walk approximately a mile and a half. My goal is within 12 weeks be able to run 20 minutes. So far the most I can run is about a minute between every 3 minutes. I use a chart I found on Pinterest. I talked about this running plan in a previous Blog Post.  I'm behind the goal because my knees do not want to cooperate with me. They want to hurt and buckle on me. I hope I'm adding strength to them and think if I just loose some pounds it will lighten the load.

On a good note: I have lost 3 lbs!!!!!! Maybe by summer I can wear my bathing suites without a cover up!!!!

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  1. awesome job so far!