Pocket Beanie

I have done a lot of crocheting lately. I recently finished up a load of tiny little baby beanies for charity. I have also been filling special orders from my Etsy Shop and making things for my friends.

Well, last night, I made something for myself. I found some really cheap yarn at a dollar store. I knew I didn't want to use such yarn on the items I sell, but I really liked it, so I made hat for the winter. Best thing about it is it only cost me a dollar.

I'm not big into wearing crochet things or hats. I mean, I love hats and have many of them hanging around. I just do not think I look good in them. Also, It never really gets that cold here in North Carolina.

I think this multi colored, mixed yarn made a lovely beanie. It is really soft and colorful but I wanted to add something to it. I see a lot of bows and flowers on beanies so I wanted to do something a little different. I added my own little special touch by adding a pocket and an antique wooden button.

The colors will go with a lot of different sweaters and cant wait for it to get cold enough so I can wear it. .....Well, Ok no, I do not want it to get that cold. I love the warmer months and really cant wait for summer to come back. But if the weather brings it, I'm ready!

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  1. That's one lovely hat you have here Lisa! The yarn looks great!