Vintage Watch Recycled

So I have this old vintage watch that used to belong to a grandmother that passed away a several years ago. I've worn it some and I loved how delicate and dainty it was. It was like a little bracelet and not to fancy. It no longer works. Its a windup watch so its not like I can just go out and buy a battery for it.

I put it away for years. while I was going through some old things I found it again. I wanted to wear it but I did not want to wear a non working watch. As my mind pondered about how I can make use of this old Monarch Swiss watch I found the perfect solution. I made it into a picture bracelet.

I found a picture of my two favorite people, my husband and daughter. Its a picture I like of them two goofing off on the floating bridge at Myrtle Beach. I shrunk the picture down to size and replaced the watch face with it.

Don't worry, the watch face is still in tact and sits behind the photo. Nothing harmed here. The picture is protected by the crystal glass of the watch. I think an old antique photo would be really cool in this piece.

Any non working watch would work for this project so don't throw that watch away, make it a memory.

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  1. Holy cow! That's so cute!

  2. I have a watch that looks just like that. What a wonderful way to enjoy it! Oh...and I LOVE Myrtle Beach! It's one of our favorite vacation spots! So much to do...and watch out for that fire breathing dragon! heehee!

  3. Oh how clever you are! Some people would just discard that beautiful watch and you made a treasure from it! It's adorable.

  4. Love the watch, and love what you did with it! So glad you linked up with Inspired Sunday this week!

    Laura from Sunday View

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    Laura at Sunday View

  6. This is such a cute idea .. i will have to try this!!

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  7. What a great idea.Brilliant! Found your blog at Sunday View.

  8. Yeah, it’s the perfect upcycle for such a valuable piece! Vintage watch has relatively more precious metals in it than what you can equate to its original price than when you buy brand new, and with really intricate details, which make them distinct and appealing. Melissa@South Florida Coins