Princess Shoes

This could possibly be my first fashion post.

My Husband recently found me a pair of shoes online he thought I would like. I thought they were cute so he bought them for me. They are Sebago brand loafers. Perfect for the beach.

I have been looking for some loafer / moccasin type slip-ons that can be worn with shorts or jeans.
I have worn these a lot and I'm loving my "Bala" shoes by Sebago.

While looking online, I found the Sebago site and decided to see what other shoes they have......Ok, honestly, I was just trying to find the ones like mine and see what they really cost. ha!
I noticed they had a picture of a lady wearing a pair. Who was this lady? It was Kate Middleton- Duchess of Cambridge. {score!}
These must be her favorite shoes!

I have always admired Kate's simple elegant styles.

After I saw this I immediately told my husband "you bought me princess shoes!"

Mine are slightly different in color but still the same. Now if I could just find some of those outfits.
Ok enough with blogging about shoes. I need to go bake something!


  1. Those are really cute and Kate has great style - I would take the fact you wear something she owns as a compliment :-)

  2. Those are really cute :) They looks comfy too!