Crochet for Charity

I have been crocheting things for my Etsy shop now for a year. I find crocheting to be relaxing, challenging and fun. It has kept me from being bored at home with no time or money to do anything else. It has also took my mind of worrying about a lot of things.

Every day that I crochet, I challenge myself to learn new stitches and new creative items to make. Its more of an art to me instead of just making things. I find it challenging to learn new things because I am a Lefty, so every video or pattern I try to do, I have to do it backwards. I have to done everything backwards all my life. I will even flip through a magazine backwards. Crazy, I know.

Since God has given me this talent, I have decided I want to make baby hats for charity. Not sure what or how to go about it but I have already started on the hats. I plan to just crochet a few each week and hope to have enough to give away soon.

They are so darn cute. I'm sure something will come along that will need these little things. I don't care if its around my neighborhood or around the world, I want to do something good.

I've have been on the Internet searching and searching. I have found places such as hospitals that accept crocheted Items but it looks like they are overloaded with them. I even emailed Levine's Children's hospital asking them if they could use some hats but I never got a response. They are crocheted in a smoke and pet free home and I keep my hand free of any perfume or lotions while I crochet. I even plan to take necessary measures to sanitize them.

If any one knows of a mission, charity, homeless shelter, etc. that I can really help, let me know. Maybe one of you are taking a mission trip where babies could benefit from these. I want to get as many ideas to choose from as I can. If anyone has ever had experience in doing this, Id love to hear your story. I plan to have enough made to donate the first of fall.

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  1. How cute! And what a wonderful thing to want to donate them. I don't know of any place where you might donate them,right now, but I'll keep you in mind.

  2. Our hospital takes them for the NICU we got one with both of my boys. I would think if you had a NICU in your area they would take them, but maybe they already have someone that does it. You are sweet to want to donate!

    1. Thank you Ann. Ill check in to that too.

  3. Hi, as you know from my blog I'm in Bangladesh for 3 months. I've recently got involved in this charity: They are desperately low on funds and 3 of the women just had babies. It is very hot here at the moment but in the winter it gets colder especially if you live in slums. Hats or blankets or little toys would almost certainly be hugely appreciated. If you are interested I can find out all the information and address details so let me know. You are so kind to be offering this!

    1. Thank you Jessiekays! Ill be emailing you.

  4. gorgeous hats, I'm trying to take up crochet again at the moment, but struggling to fit it in.