Pickle Snowball

I'm not a big fan of the shave ice things called snowballs. I just don't like the whole idea of the sticky, gooey, sugary syrup they put on top that's so sweet it will make your throat tickle. They are full of artificial coloring and flavoring.

Any way, we now have a new place in town called Pelicans Snoballs. When my daughter saw this, she got excited and told me this was a big thing when she was in college and I should try it.
So, this weekend, we decided to give it a try. I figured I could at least try it since they have over 100 flavors I was bound to find an interesting one.

Ashley is studying hard to figure out the one she wants.

 "Dill Pickle"-That's the flavor I picked.
I even had them add extra pucker on top.
I wanted to pick the craziest flavor they had. They even have "toothpaste" flavor but I'm sure that's just minty. It was a hard decision and I'm so indecisive possibilities were endless. My Daughter chose one of the newest flavors,"Reese Cup" with extra chocolate drizzle.

Ok, so this one does not look like the one in their picture.
But she said it was really good.
I just cant wrap my mind around the thought of any kind of chocolate on ice. eeesh. Ill leave that one on the hot cocoa or coffee side of things.

Here are a few interesting facts I seen posted on the building.
I don't believe the "no stain one".

Go check out the Menu. I may go back again just to try another kind. If you went here, what taste would you pick? You can even mix them up.

Princess Shoes

This could possibly be my first fashion post.

My Husband recently found me a pair of shoes online he thought I would like. I thought they were cute so he bought them for me. They are Sebago brand loafers. Perfect for the beach.

I have been looking for some loafer / moccasin type slip-ons that can be worn with shorts or jeans.
I have worn these a lot and I'm loving my "Bala" shoes by Sebago.

While looking online, I found the Sebago site and decided to see what other shoes they have......Ok, honestly, I was just trying to find the ones like mine and see what they really cost. ha!
I noticed they had a picture of a lady wearing a pair. Who was this lady? It was Kate Middleton- Duchess of Cambridge. {score!}
These must be her favorite shoes!

I have always admired Kate's simple elegant styles.

After I saw this I immediately told my husband "you bought me princess shoes!"

Mine are slightly different in color but still the same. Now if I could just find some of those outfits.
Ok enough with blogging about shoes. I need to go bake something!

Carrot Cookies

Yes, Carrot Cookies but nothing like Carrot Cake.

I had another sweet tooth but tried to keep it healthy [fail]. I decided to make some cookies that my Mother-In-Law used to make. I love these things. They are so light and fluffy and will melt in your mouth like a hot Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut.

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This is a great way to get you kids to eat vegetables. Don't let me fool you by trying to convince you that these things are healthy because they are still full of sugar. No, they are not really healthy but I guess they are more healthy than an Oreo. I mean, the main ingredient is carrots. I don't like cooked carrots by the way but you cant even taste the carrots in these cookies. Your kids will never even know. I personally think they tasted like a soft vanilla wafer or light sugar cookie.

You will fall in love with these and they go a long way. One batch makes four dozen so they would go great for party or shower.


1 cup sugar
1 cup Crisco
1 cup shredded, mashed or baby food carrots
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 cups plain flour
2 tsp baking powder*
1 tsp salt *
*OR just use self rising flour and omit the baking powder and salt (that's what I do).

Cream together sugar and Criso- Beat carrots, eggs and vanilla in to the sugar mixture-then add flour to mixture.  Drop by spoonfuls on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake 350 degrees for 10 minutes*
*No need to check them, 10 minutes will do it. I made some on a shiny pan and a nonstick pan and they worked the same. They will be soft and lightly browned on the bottoms.

For the optional glaze- Make a mixture of Orange juice and powder sugar.

Oh and let me say too, they cool really fast so you can just eat them almost immediately. Don't just go and do that, Im just saying you can. I did because I have no will power when it comes to sweets. 

UPDATE! Husband just informed me that he had strawberries and whip cream on top and it was like strawberry shortcake!

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Crochet for Charity

I have been crocheting things for my Etsy shop now for a year. I find crocheting to be relaxing, challenging and fun. It has kept me from being bored at home with no time or money to do anything else. It has also took my mind of worrying about a lot of things.

Every day that I crochet, I challenge myself to learn new stitches and new creative items to make. Its more of an art to me instead of just making things. I find it challenging to learn new things because I am a Lefty, so every video or pattern I try to do, I have to do it backwards. I have to done everything backwards all my life. I will even flip through a magazine backwards. Crazy, I know.

Since God has given me this talent, I have decided I want to make baby hats for charity. Not sure what or how to go about it but I have already started on the hats. I plan to just crochet a few each week and hope to have enough to give away soon.

They are so darn cute. I'm sure something will come along that will need these little things. I don't care if its around my neighborhood or around the world, I want to do something good.

I've have been on the Internet searching and searching. I have found places such as hospitals that accept crocheted Items but it looks like they are overloaded with them. I even emailed Levine's Children's hospital asking them if they could use some hats but I never got a response. They are crocheted in a smoke and pet free home and I keep my hand free of any perfume or lotions while I crochet. I even plan to take necessary measures to sanitize them.

If any one knows of a mission, charity, homeless shelter, etc. that I can really help, let me know. Maybe one of you are taking a mission trip where babies could benefit from these. I want to get as many ideas to choose from as I can. If anyone has ever had experience in doing this, Id love to hear your story. I plan to have enough made to donate the first of fall.

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Decisions Decisions

I have been pondering on buying a new vehicle for a few months now. I usually will by a new car, pay it off within 3 or 4 years and then trade it in on a new one. I like the idea of having a warranty and knowing I'm the only one that's owned it.

The last car I purchased was a new 2005 Ford Escape. Its now 2013 and I still have it. I really wanted one of these and finally got one. Now I do not want to let it go. I still like it and its not gotten old to me yet. Its got two little dings in it. One where I backed into a car that was illegally parked behind me and the other is from a bicycle incident. Neither place is easy to spot unless you look directly at it. Its been a really good car. While under warranty, the computer went out and that was a pretty big deal but its all good now. I was planning on keeping it until my daughter graduated college. Well, she's graduated and I still want to hold on to this one. It's broken in. I do not have to worry about little nicks and dings. I'm comfortable with it and don't feel like I have to be so careful with it all the time anymore. It's just a part of me.


Things are starting to go wrong with it like, it needs new tires, shocks, a tune up or down, The seat is starting to split a little, etc.... I need to trade it in now before it gets to the point its going to start costing me or to the point where it will not bring a good trade in. It still has under 100k miles on it.

Oh, but what to do.... Do I make enough money for a new car? Not really. It will take everything I make to pay for one. I will still have to make payments even if its a used one.

What I drive now

What I really want

What I'm thinking about getting

What I can really only afford.
Do I want another SUV? or A sedan? After all, its just me, my husband and occasionally my daughter. But we want something that's comfortable to take on our beach trips. The payments will be about the same but I do not think Ill be real happy with a car now that I'm spoiled on an SUV.
I wish I could just keep the one I have now and buy something else. I'm gonna have to make a move soon though. I can just pay for it with a wing and a prayer.
Decisions, decisions.

UPDATE: Its July again but one year later than this original post. I finally did it. I purchased a brand new 2014 Ford Escape (black). Like the one pictured above that I was thinking about getting. This one is newer than the photo and has shiny chrome wheels. Man this car has everything! It even talks to me. 

A fish Tail

I have a foster fish named "Duncan Gaither FinNuckles". Excuse the poor picture qualities. Its hard to take a picture of a moving fish.

He is actually my daughters fish, but until now, I have been the one to take care of him while she was in school. This is our only pet.

Duncan is a "Half moon Betta". We purchased him a year ago. He is red white and blue. Sometimes, depending on his stress level, he may only be one color.

After we had him about four months, we noticed his tail disappearing into frazzled, choppy, painful appearance. I was concerned, so I googled the possibilities of what could be going wrong with the poor fella. After all, he is not the happiest acting fish I ever had. In fact, this one does not have much of a personality at all.

While searching for an explanation, I found that its possible he could have Fin Rot. This is due to a disease or fungal infection from poor water changes or diet. I'm sure this is what he had but I'm a little confused because I made sure I kept his bowl clean and fed him well, but what ever the reason, I know I needed to fix him. I did not waste any time and ran to the pet store for some aquarium salt. I read somewhere that you can add some salt to the water and it will cure the bacteria or infection that's eating him alive.

After I started adding a little salt to his water with every water change, I noticed he was somewhat happier and made big bubble nest like betta fish will do when they are feeling good or in the mating mode.
Its been about six months now since I started adding the salt. I'm gradually weaning him off the salt by adding less and less to each water change.

While feeding him today I realized, he's got his tail fin back!

He was really showing his colors. Its July! What a perfect time for him to be patriotic.
If anyone has any more suggestions I could use in keeping him healthy, please comment and let me know.