Pumpkin Guts

Its time for Halloween. I do not believe Halloween is a holiday or get all into it like some people do but that does not mean I don't enjoy the festivities of seeing little kids and adults dressed up and give out candy to trick or treaters.

Halloween at my house is when I carve a pumpkin. I could just paint something on my pumpkin but why waste the goodies inside!

Once I pick out the perfect pumpkin, I wash it and dig out the insides. I always called it "pumpkin guts". Sounds good for Halloween.

I know I waste a lot of the orange goop in the middle but I have no idea how to use it. I do not know what parts to eat or how too. All I know is I get my hands all messy digging out the "guts" to get the seeds. fun fun.

I cut off the bottom this time instead of the top so it will be easier to clean and set over a candle instead of trying to set and light a tiny candle on the inside.

Now that's a clean pumpkin!

I rinse the seeds.

 I tried leaving on all the gooey stuff on them one year and that didn't work very well,

So, I rinse the seeds and poured them onto a cookie sheet and sprayed with olive oil spray, spinkled with salt and baked for about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I did my cleaning and carving while they cooked.

I ended up with about 2 cups of seeds. They are so tasty and crunchy. They kind of have a popcorn taste to me.
So, don't let your pumpkin seeds go to waste. either plant them, or eat them. You will love it.

*Please be aware that the seeds can be a chocking hazard to both adults and children.

Here is my finished carved pumpkin. I didn't not have a carving kit so I had to use a knife and spoon to get the results. 

Happy Halloween!!!!!
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  1. Wow! Your pumpkin looks GREAT! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you!! Hope you all had a great Halloween!

  2. All that there is to stress over is carving the pumpkin, and divvying up the delectable pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin carving Stencils


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