Ponytail and a Beanie

As much as I hate to say it, "Winter is coming".

That mean layers of cloths, hats and scarves! Well I have have been making several hats using crochet lately. Everybody seems to want one now days. I didn't even know people actually wore hand made crochet items any more. The stores are full of neat looking fashionable accessories. I guess its the "one of a kind" things that interest people now, and lets face it, the economy is slack. People just want to be conservative. So, I will continue making hats til Christmas it seems.

While crocheting a hat the other day, I got to thinking of an idea. Hats are a good way to hide a bad hair day. You pull your hair up and stick on a ball cap using the little slip hole in the back to stick your pony tail out showing you have a little bit of style to that messy do.

I thought "Why not make a toboggan or beanie so that a girl can still wear her hair up? So it donged on me. "A pony tail beanie". So I made one. It worked!

 Little did I know, if you go on line, you will see more of these from other makers that seem to have beat me to the idea. Its ok. They are fun to make. I actually made this one for my Etsy shop.
With this kind of beanie hat, I can wear all kinds of layers and not worry about getting my hair tangled in my collar, hoodie or scarf.

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