Last Dance

Yes, I'm gonna say it again. I'm giving up zumba dancing. This is like the fifty hundredth time I've said I was gonna give up zumba but I finally did it. I took zumba classes for three years and until about six months ago, I couldn't wait til the next class. It was so fun and felt I was getting a great workout.

Then it happened. My zumba friends began to drift away to other things and other places until finally I found myself dancing on the back row again feeling like I did not fit in and a wall began to build around me, just like before I ever started dancing. The high was gone. Oh, I hate this feeling. I really loved dancing.

The last class I attended, I knew it was the last dance for me therefore I had no enthusiasm.
As I looked around the room at everyone that I tried to be friends with for years, I could not help but wonder if they will even know I'm gone.

Between my feelings, my achy knees and the fact that money is tight right now, It just didn't seem to be beneficial for me to continue. I wouldn't get home from work until 5:30 each day and since I like to eat before 7:00 at night,  I'd rush to eat supper and rush out the door to make class. I did this three times a week. It just became not worth it.

What am I gonna do now?

I have this fear that giving up dance will cause me to gain weight, but then again, it never caused me to loose weight so ill take the chance. Meanwhile, I plan to spend more time after work being at home with my husband.
My plans are to walk more and eat less. Walking is good exercise for me and alot easier on my knees. So now after dinner, me and my husband will take a rapid two mile walk through the neighborhood and talk about our day. After all, we are best friends and togetherness is precious to us.
Maybe I'll have time for dinner with a friend or two sometime and maybe join a couple church activities throughout the month or attend more art classes.

When things pick up and the holidays are gone, maybe me and my husband can join a gym together or some kind of workout routine together at home to keep us in shape. Maybe I can find another dance class somewhere after the first of the year that will fit better into my schedule and not take away from my family life. Maybe I will not need knee surgery before I'm 50!


  1. looks like you are looking at the bright side of stopping zumba which will open new doors. enjoy your new adventures! hugs!

  2. I know how you feel. I get so excited when I start a new exercise routine...then I lose my enthusiasm. Your newest "follower" :)

  3. I am sad to hear this, but sometimes we need a break from something we do really often. It may be that you need to try something new for a while ad then see how you feel. You WILL be missed, that is for sure. I am glad I can still keep up with you here, though!

    1. Thanks Liz. I miss dancing already. I really really liked it. But It kinda feels good to get away for a while. I had to even change my style of music listening at times so I dont go into DTs. LOL.